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Lemon cake help please bakers

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seanceinterrupted Sat 27-Oct-18 09:45:35

Making a cake for 'extra' for tomorrow's party because of all the young siblings now coming too. Bday boy wants a lemon cake. Was going to shop this morn but DP has unexpectedly taken the car (but as a bonus also the 3 kids). The cupboard had a lemon Betty Crocker so I've just made that in a foil tray. Never had one before so don't know if it will take a drizzle well or if it will be soggy (only made lemon cakes with almond meal before). I have lemon juice from a squeeze bottle (but none fresh), icing sugar and butter, along with those sugar sprinkles that are like little worms and you see on Italian cakes sometimes.

Should I make a drizzle and risk soggy cake or just make a lemon icing (haven't made icing in aeons because of child's allergies), or something else.

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SmiledWithTheRisingSun Tue 06-Nov-18 22:18:53

I would make a really lemony icing.

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