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What to serve with a leg of lamb ?

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AuLoinSontVontLesNuages Thu 25-Oct-18 18:27:12

I'm having a dinner party next week and plan on doing a leg of lamb -

I tend to always do a roast for this group of friends and cycle through the same side dishes - green beans with garlic - carrots with honey - mushrooms with thyme and lemon zest - leeks - either mashed potatoes, roast potatoes or gratin dauphinoise - and mashed swede/parsnip.

This time around I'm looking to have some slightly different or at least new ideas of what to serve - I'm a decent cook and will have a couple of hours

All ideas welcome - thank you

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Chewbecca Thu 25-Oct-18 18:32:40

Have you tried making hassleback potatoes? They look good and are tasty and a bit different. All prepped in advance too.

A bit tray of roasted veg goes nicely with lamb too - peppers, courgettes, aubergines, red onion, cherry toms.

Or how about a huge bowl of jewelled cous cous instead of spuds & veg? And maybe some homemade tzatziki.

mycatplotsdeath Thu 25-Oct-18 18:34:00

Couscous,a big Greek salad, some minted yogurt and crusty bread.

myrtleWilson Thu 25-Oct-18 18:43:03

I like Sabrina Ghayour's Mechouia style lamb with cumin dipping salt served with turmeric and cumin roast potatoes and a salad of radish, cucumber, red onion with mint and orange blossom dressing.

As an alternative to potatoes with a similar spiced slow cooked lamb I've done an easy chickpea and thyme mash...

AuLoinSontVontLesNuages Thu 25-Oct-18 19:10:07

Oh some lovely ideas - thankyou -

chickpea and thyme mash sounds good @myrtleWilson do you have a recipe?

I might do roasted veg too, but I'd like them to be rather seasonal so might do roast squash and chesnuts - do you think that would work?

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myrtleWilson Thu 25-Oct-18 19:17:02

Here you go! Although recipe may be overstating it. And having checked there is no mention of thyme but because it is in the lamb recipe I add a few thyme leaves to the mash..

Bubba1234 Thu 25-Oct-18 19:18:06

Peas & paprika cauliflower

EggsRoyale Thu 25-Oct-18 19:21:25

Pomegranate bulgar wheat salad, tzatiki, Greek salad and flatbread. My favourite meal!

AuLoinSontVontLesNuages Thu 25-Oct-18 19:57:55

Thankyou @Bubba1234 is paprika cauliflower just roasted cauliflower with paprika?

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GladAllOver Thu 25-Oct-18 19:59:14

A nice shiraz goes down well.

BlingLoving Thu 25-Oct-18 20:03:08

Do it greek style?

Cook the lamb with lots of lemon, garlic, thyme and rosemary.

An aubergine dish as a side (I do a sort of stew/ almost mash with onion, aubergine, chilli, tomato but a traditional baba ganoush works well), tzatiki and then maybe a warm bean salad (There's the giant bean side dish that is popular with greeks - forget what it's called - but it's quite easy and really tasty. We sometimes buy it from markets rather than make our own.)

new potatoes for simplicity, or roasted potatoes again with lots of lemon and rosemary.

Or cook your lamb kleftiko style which means your lemony base cooks the lamb and the potatoes at the same time!

bumblebee39 Thu 25-Oct-18 20:06:48

Quinoa tabluleh, mint the lamb, yoghurt, shredded red cabbage, shredded lettuce, sliced salad veg and red onions, toasted pitta and plenty of olives and feta cheese. Like a cross between Greek food and Turkish. Hummus optional X

BonnieF Thu 25-Oct-18 20:11:21

How about aloo gobi or saag aloo with dahl and raita, or a fragrant vegetable biryani?

FastWindow Thu 25-Oct-18 20:12:18

Oh I'm all for keeping it simple. The lamb is the showstopper, do some crispy duck fat roasted spuds (do them separately from the lamb as the fat from the lamb is rank) Savoy cabbage, mashed carrot and swede with loads of butter and pepper, and a rosemary stuffing (chop rosemary into a Paxo job) and above all! Lashings of onion sauce. And I mean lashings.

Bubba1234 Thu 25-Oct-18 20:13:40

It is indeed 15 mins in the oven along with the petit pois peas & the thyme on the lamb of course.
It al fits very well flavor wise so don’t be afraid to put on twice as many peas as the cauliflower

FastWindow Thu 25-Oct-18 20:47:39

Are you brave enough to ditch rosemary for lavender? I've never done it.

AuLoinSontVontLesNuages Thu 25-Oct-18 21:53:20

Thanks @Bubba1234

@Fastwindow uhm-the thing is I'm English and in France and that might just open the door for some mockery - I can see why it could be nice though

@BlingLoving Aubergine sounds good thankyou

I'll let you all know once I've made my final decision

Thanks again

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FastWindow Thu 25-Oct-18 22:07:47

Ah well if you're in France you can ditch the veg entirely. They care not. wink

FastWindow Thu 25-Oct-18 22:09:17

I shoulda guessed from your nn grin Bien soir

CrispbuttyNo1 Thu 25-Oct-18 22:13:29

Greek potatoes are awesome

kikashi Fri 26-Oct-18 17:09:48

Sweet potatoes mashed with lemon juice and a bit of sweet chilli sauce.

Shredded cavolo nero steamed with lemon juice squeezed on at the end.

Potato and fennel gratin?

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