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How to Cheat at Risotto

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CoralFish Wed 24-Oct-18 13:00:39

Okay, so I know nothing will beat standing over the pan, slowly adding the stock and constantly stirring, but I want to find a good 'cheat' alternative for easy week night meal.

I wondered if anyone had tried any of the following:
1. 'Baked' risotto where you stick it in the oven with all the stock and leave it
2. Making it in a rice cooker
3. Making it in a slow cooker
4. Making it in a paddle-type hot air fryer

Any feedback on any of the above methods would be most welcome!

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Moominfan Wed 24-Oct-18 13:02:10


Redken24 Wed 24-Oct-18 13:02:33

I make the annabel karmel baked risotto kid hates it but I enjoy it haha

user1499173618 Wed 24-Oct-18 13:02:51

You are wrong. You need to add the stock all at once, bring it to the boil then put it on a very low temperature with the lid on until the stick is absorbed. Strictly no stirring!

EspressoPatronum Wed 24-Oct-18 13:04:06

I've successfully made baked risotto 👌

Flouff Wed 24-Oct-18 13:04:41

One of the big chefs (possibly Heston or Jamie) did an experiment where they just put in all the stock in one go and it was fine so I just do that now. Never noticed the difference.
I also make a leek and haddock baked risotto from BBC Good Food which is foolproof and v tasty.

user1499173618 Wed 24-Oct-18 13:06:14

I learned to cook risotto in Italy from Italians. It’s not an experiment to add the stock all at once: it’s the correct way.

Flouff Wed 24-Oct-18 13:08:23

It was billed as an experiment for the purposes of TV!

HarimadSol Wed 24-Oct-18 13:08:53

I make this one on a regular basis, it's easy and delicious.

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Wed 24-Oct-18 13:11:57

I have done a naked risotto, but it lacked the creepiness of a stirred one.

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Wed 24-Oct-18 13:12:48

Oh ffs , that should say baked and creaminess blush

mumsiedarlingrevolta Wed 24-Oct-18 13:14:43

My DS is at Uni and he just sent me pics of his leek and haddock baked risotto from BBC good food-
DS said lovely and no stirring!!!

Flouff Wed 24-Oct-18 13:18:11

Excellent! I'm impressed, my culinary skills at uni didn't extend beyond a Pot Noodle smile

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 24-Oct-18 13:19:12

I make a baked rice with chicken and chorizo, which is really nice - it's adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe, I think.

Cut up 600g chicken thighs and 100g chorizo into chunks, peel, quarter and slice a couple of onions, deseed and chop a couple of peppers.

Heat olive oil in an oven proof dish and add the chorizo and some smoked paprika (go carefully with this - it can be a bit fierce), then add and brown the chicken, and then the veg. Add basmati rice (about 300g), a pack of passata and a tin of cherry tomatoes (the cherry tomatoes are optional - I like them), and about 500ml of chicken stock and bring to the simmer.

Take off the heat, and cover the surface of the mixture with a dampened sheet of baking paper (a cartouche - dampen the paper and scrumple it up to wring it out, then spread over the mix, making sure it is in contact with the surface of the mix), and bake in a moderate oven (about 180) for about 30 minutes, until the liquid is absorbed and the rice cooked.

You can do most of it ahead of time, and bung it in the oven when you are ready - it takes a bit longer if it is cooking from cold.

SuburbanRhonda Wed 24-Oct-18 13:21:19

Delia’s Oven-Baked Wild Mushroom Risotto is amazing:

CatherineCawood Wed 24-Oct-18 13:23:11

Buy an Instant Pot. Best risotto EVER. Fact.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 24-Oct-18 13:24:41

The good food baked smoked haddock and leek one is great and you can substitute salmon for smoked haddock to mix it up.

fruitpastille Wed 24-Oct-18 13:28:14

Delia oven baked carbonara one is good.

AllThreeWays Wed 24-Oct-18 13:30:55

This recipe is easy, fast and delicious

Thecatisboss Wed 24-Oct-18 13:31:00

Instant Pot risotto is very easy and quick. Tastes just the same as one cooked on the hob and only takes 10 mins or so.

tenorladybeaker Wed 24-Oct-18 13:33:39

It is nowhere near as good as a real risotto, but if I am in a hurry:
Fry up mushrooms, peas, anything else I want in my risotto.
Add 1/3rd pk per person of microwave wholemeal rice (waitrose own brand best)
Add just enough sauce from a pouch of Lloyd Grossman creamy spinach, marscarpone and caramelised shallot pasta sauce to make it moist - not too much.

Yes it's cheating. But it's quick.

Cherries101 Wed 24-Oct-18 13:35:44

Pressure cooker

SushiMonster Wed 24-Oct-18 14:31:09

The most cheat cheat there is

mumsiedarlingrevolta Wed 24-Oct-18 14:35:40

@Flouff I know! He is an athlete so must eat well- but also a foodie! Here is pic he sent.

thenorthernluce Wed 24-Oct-18 14:41:02

I’m converted to oven baked risotto after making it for my toddler. It’s from the BLW cookbook by Gill Rapley (dunno if it’s online), but it’s so easy and tasty, and I’m sure could be adapted for adult palates.

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