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Mum4Fergus Tue 23-Oct-18 21:16:00

I've been gifted £75 in Tesco vouchers and would like to use them to stock up on groceries that will help reduce my general shopping bill for a few months.

So far I have...

- tea
- coffee
- sugar
- cereals
- frozen vegetables
- bulk pack chicken
- tins (beans, peas, etc)

Any other ideas please?

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MrsMoastyToasty Tue 23-Oct-18 21:18:20

Non perishable stuff like
Loo roll
Kitchen paper
Tin foil
Cling film
Cleaning stuff
Laundry detergents

Mum4Fergus Tue 23-Oct-18 21:23:18

Of course! I had purely for in mind but non perishables is a great plan x

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Mum4Fergus Tue 23-Oct-18 21:23:36


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blamethewitchescat Tue 23-Oct-18 21:27:07

Tinned tomatoes and puree
Herbs and spices

BikeRunSki Tue 23-Oct-18 21:29:21

Christmas food
Christmas presents
School uniform, socks, pats

TooMinty Tue 23-Oct-18 21:35:37

They do really big bags of rice and pasta. How big is your freezer, can you fit in more meat - they usually have 3 for £10 on mince/whole chicken/pork chops etc.

And are you going to treat yourself too? Wine, nice chocolates?

Blondie1984 Tue 23-Oct-18 23:50:13

Things for Xmas - food (stuff you can freeze) and drink but also wrapping paper, batteries etc
Butter and cheese - both can have long shelf lives
Dishwasher tablets
Tinned tuna

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