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High protein breakfasts without...

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itwillbealrightpromise Tue 23-Oct-18 08:07:11

...any protein sources 

I'm allergic to nuts and avocados, and intolerant to egg (though could possibly eat it baked into something).

I really need to stop munching through half a load of bread in the mornings, plus I want to keep sugar down as much as possible. So far I have:
- porridge (with/without protein powder)
- overnight oats
- Greek yoghurt

I'd love some more savoury options if anyone can think of anything. Thanks in advance! 

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PrincessDando Tue 23-Oct-18 08:11:49

I make a porridge with almond flour, a few oats, nuts, seeds and flax. cook with nut milk and add in a spoon of nut butter! you could sweeten it with some banana orders fruit if you're not avoiding those.

cordeliaflynne Tue 23-Oct-18 08:15:12

My partner is allergic to eggs. A simple high protein, low carb savoury breakfasts is a holy grail we have yet to find. There are only so many kippers that a person can eat!

jjemimapuddleduck Tue 23-Oct-18 08:15:46


jjemimapuddleduck Tue 23-Oct-18 08:17:07

Homemade paleo bread with cream cheese/houmous/nut butter

EricTheGuineaPig Tue 23-Oct-18 08:20:01

Following with interest as I'm not a huge fan of eggs and I'm vegetarian. I do sometimes have some quorn sausages, I also have Greek yoghurt. I buy protein enriched cereal which I realise isn't the cleanest way to eat but I do love a bowl of cereal in the morning. Bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon????????

Urbanbeetler Tue 23-Oct-18 08:20:03

In India we had lightly spiced cooked chickpeas for breakfast.

The suggestion of almond flour nut milk porridge for someone allergies to nuts isn’t the best idea!

Ricekrispie22 Tue 23-Oct-18 08:21:34

There are lots of recipes for scrambled tofu, or 'tofu scramble' as it's often called. I've tried a few out and it's not bad.
Baked beans on toast
Protein-enriched cereals. Weetabix protein is low sugar.
Can you have quorn? Quorn bacon potato hash is nice.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Tue 23-Oct-18 08:24:45

Are you veggie? Lean bacon or low fat sausages are good, or ham. I often have slices of ham and tomatoes for breakfast, wit or without toast.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Tue 23-Oct-18 08:25:37

Could you do a sort of croque monsieur thing? Ham, mustard, cheese, maybe do it on one slice of bread only and pop under the grill to melt the cheese?

CherryPavlova Tue 23-Oct-18 08:26:27

Peanut butter on apple slices
Greek yoghurt and berries
Beans, mushrooms and bacon

ommmward Tue 23-Oct-18 08:28:24

Grilled thinly sliced belly pork with some green veg is a pretty awesome breakfast 😋

ommmward Tue 23-Oct-18 08:29:01

Or just go continental, with cold meat, cheese and salad.

YeOldeTrout Tue 23-Oct-18 08:38:24

meat, milk products, tofu, fowl, fish, beans, protein powder supplements.

bastardkitty Tue 23-Oct-18 08:46:13

OP must be thrilled at all the recommendations to eat nuts when she has a nut allergy. Are you veggie OP?

YeOldeTrout Tue 23-Oct-18 11:07:51

Only 2 people mentioned nuts, and one was peanut butter which may be fine if OP meant tree nuts.
Milk is easy way to get very high protein.

bastardkitty Tue 23-Oct-18 11:28:03

It was three posters and no one with a severe allergy to tree and/or ground nuts should be encouraged to eat peanuts even if they do not appear to react to them.

Hummous on wholemeal toast is filling. May have to be tahini free if there's an allergy to sesame. But not everyone can face garlic at breakfast smile

itwillbealrightpromise Tue 23-Oct-18 13:29:00

Great, thank you for all the responses so far!

@cordeliaflynne I feel your partners pain. I love mackerel, but not that much!

Not veggie, no. Will look into the Quorn bits and maybe some low fat sausages.

@Ricekrispie22 tofu scramble sounds interesting but I've always chickened out of cooking it. Do you need to marinade it for ages so it tastes ok? Did you use hard or silken tofu?

Thanks @bastardkitty - the first response in particular made me chuckle (though I appreciate all the replies!). I am mainly allergic to tree nuts, can tolerate a few peanuts but have tried a few natural ones which gave me a dodgy tummy. I do actually have some sunflower seed butter in the cupboard so I may try that in porridge. Not allergic to sesame either so will try and incorporate some hummus in somewhere.

A prime example is this morning - day off so I cooked mushrooms, tomato, sweet potato with onion and garlic and half a tin of beans for protein. Was lovely and low calorie but I was hank marvin' again by 12. It's that second bit of protein that's lacking... (Also would have had toast with it but no bread.)

Thanks again folks, keep em coming!

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TooTrueToBeGood Tue 23-Oct-18 13:36:05

Has fish been suggested yet? Kippers used to be very popular as a breakfast option.

itwillbealrightpromise Tue 23-Oct-18 18:45:48

Fish is a good one True. I often have mackerel on toast, might have to try it for breakfast. I work in a very customer facing role though so might have to save it for my days off!

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birkenstocks4ever Fri 26-Oct-18 20:01:51

Sausage sandwich or bagel - chicken or turkey ones tend to be higher protein. My egg and porridge hating children have this with a piece of fruit once or twice a week and never ask for a snack those days unlike when they have cereal.

BertieBotts Fri 26-Oct-18 20:05:49

Look up recipes for "breakfast burrito" type things. Just a thin tortilla to hold it together, you could omit the egg, they are manly held together by cheese. Make in bulk, freeze and mcrowave.

catlovingdoctor Fri 26-Oct-18 20:14:14

Smoked salmon with cream cheese on a whole meal bagel. Or even just the cream cheese. Smoked salmon can get a bit pricey but worth it for a proper breakfast?

OatsBeansBarley Fri 26-Oct-18 20:15:13

I really like crumbly cheese like feta or soft goats cheese in the morning. I've eaten it with salad bits and/ or a spicy tomato mix. Or just on toast.

If younare not veggie, sausages improve any breakfast.

GoldenBlue Fri 26-Oct-18 20:24:15

Quark is great with fresh fruit and granola. I like it with a bit of lemon curd and tastes like lemon cheesecake.

But it also works stirred into savoury dishes, it takes on the flavour of what ever it's mixed with.

It's a high protein, low fat cream cheese. For people able to tolerate eggs it's brilliant mixed with eggs and bacon for crust less quiche muffins

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