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Halloween themed picnic?

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tessieandoz Wed 17-Oct-18 15:04:15

Any ideas? I can only think of the sausages made to look like bloody fingers . . .
Maybe cupcakes with spider web pattern . .

tissuesosoft Wed 17-Oct-18 15:06:59

Jelly with sweet type spiders, eyeballs, worms. Chocolate cake with orange icing- like a pumpkin.

LovelyGirlNOT Wed 17-Oct-18 15:12:28

Olive spiders?

Ricekrispie22 Wed 17-Oct-18 17:36:13

Make eyeball pizzas. Just google to see what they look like!
Carrot fingers
Cheese broomsticks
Monster Munch crisps
Green smoothie

tessieandoz Wed 17-Oct-18 17:53:04

Thank you all.

Love the broomsticks and can't believe I forgot about Monster Munch !

kateandme Thu 18-Oct-18 00:28:31

marshmellows on stick as ghost.with two painted eyes and mouth.
sausages wraps in pastry for mummys.
cut-out ghost pizzas or toast or cookies.
add colouring to a milkshake
or get a juice or smoothie that red for blod or witches brew
pastry snakes.made like you would cheese straws but shapes like snakes
get bat pastry cutter and make nachos out of wraps or just straight cut bread or wrap withthem for sandwhiches
jelly with Halloween themed candy inside
owl cupcakes
punkin soup or risotto
pastry bloody fingers

PaulMorel Thu 18-Oct-18 06:12:31

Bake some cookies and decorate it after. It is also a fun activity for kids, decorating their own cookies.

tessieandoz Thu 18-Oct-18 08:38:15

Thank you all. I knew you would be great .

AdventuringThroughLife Thu 18-Oct-18 08:40:32


Hoppinggreen Thu 18-Oct-18 21:43:46

Lollipop ghosts
Tie small squares of kitchen roll around lollipops and draw eyes on witha black sharpie. Look better if you stick them in a foil covered potato or similar so they stand up

kateandme Fri 19-Oct-18 01:12:01

buy in some lindt white chocolate balls.and paint red blood shot and eyeballs on them
go to asda.thy are selling ghost crumpets!

tessieandoz Fri 19-Oct-18 02:33:28

Some terrific inspiration. However it is for a picnic; we are going to a Theme Park.. I will have to save some of the ideas for an indoor celebration.
Ghost crumpets !!

greyspottedgoose Fri 19-Oct-18 02:50:23

Burgers, cut the cheese slices into a circle and cut pumpkin looking eyes and mouth out before popping on the burger

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