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Leftover vodka blackberries

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fessmess Tue 16-Oct-18 11:28:46

Anyone eaten these? I have just strained my vodka and was wondering if I could eat the discarded blackberries with yogurt for pud? Anyone else done this? They are potent and would need sugar!!

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OpposableThumbs2 Tue 16-Oct-18 11:48:25

I found an amazing recipe for blackberry and apple cake using the vodka soaked blackberries. Will try and find it for you.

fessmess Tue 16-Oct-18 14:22:33

Thank you, sounds amazing 😉

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OpposableThumbs2 Tue 16-Oct-18 20:31:55

I can't find it, it was online several years ago. But basically is was a recipe for a raspberry and apple cake (possibly with a crumble topping) with the vodka soaked blackberries instead of raspberries. I imagine any similar recipe would be fine, although you might have to compensate a little for the extra liquid. It tasted incredibly alcoholic but was fabulous.

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