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Are These Mushrooms Ok To Eat ?

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LetsGoMushroomingAgain Mon 15-Oct-18 21:15:41

DP & I went for a walk yesterday & picked these mushrooms along the way. I’ve googled to make sure they are safe to eat but I’m still unsure . Any foraging experts that think they aren’t going to kill us ?

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PippilottaLongstocking Mon 15-Oct-18 21:18:37

Never never eat muchrooms that you’ve picked unless you’ve had them looked at and confirmed edible by an expert (in France you used to be able to have them checked in chemists, not sure f you still can)

MrsVoleTheVet Mon 15-Oct-18 21:18:54

Um, no... im not a foraging expert, but I could have lied and said that I was... im not sure random internet strangers are going to be of much use here...confused

SinisterClownWatchingYou Mon 15-Oct-18 21:20:22

Throw them away. If you're lucky they'll just give you awful diarrhoea, if not they'll kill you. Liver failure is an awful way to go.

TeaAndNoSympathy Mon 15-Oct-18 21:21:45

God, if you’re not absolutely sure they’re safe why would you eat them? If they’re toxic you’ll be very ill indeed. Do the sensible thing and throw them away.

PippilottaLongstocking Mon 15-Oct-18 21:22:10

My rule is not even to touch fungi unless I’m 100% sure what it is. Which mostly limits me to puffballs and some shaggy ink caps (sometimes they look too similar to magpie Inkscape which are poisonous so I don’t risk it)

Verbena87 Mon 15-Oct-18 21:23:43

Don’t risk it. I eat quite a bit of foraged stuff but never fungi. Even experts slip up sometimes and the wrong mushroom can put you on dialysis for life.

MaverickSnoopy Mon 15-Oct-18 21:27:19

Sorry. I don't usually post negative comments (but I see what I'm saying as positive and constructive feedback in this case). DO NOT EAT THESE. KINDLY, YOU WOULD BE INSANE TO CONSIDER IT.

CherryValance Mon 15-Oct-18 21:36:18

Well the darker gilled ones look like horse mushrooms I remember eating as a kid (my parents picked them from friend's farm) but I'd never tell you 100% from an internet picture - and I could be anyone! Not at all sure about the lighter gilled one with a frill - I'm sure you are supposed to avoid those with a 'skirt' on the stem! You don't want a death cap!

Justmuddlingalong Mon 15-Oct-18 21:38:16

Bin them. And give your chopping board a damn good scrub.

Igorina Mon 15-Oct-18 21:39:59

You could end up seriously ill or running around your street starkers singing jingle bells at the top of your lungs.

Throw them away and yes, wash your chopping board.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Mon 15-Oct-18 21:45:39

Please don't eat them OP

LetsGoMushroomingAgain Mon 15-Oct-18 21:50:51

Thanks for all your responses they have been binned!
We’ve been trying to get on a foraging course but the places go very quickly.
The only mushrooms we’ve been able to positively ID have been of the magic variety 😂

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CherryValance Mon 15-Oct-18 22:03:08

Alys Fowler has a good foraging book, but she stays away from fungi - I think it's just too risky and she doesn't want to get sued!

MaverickSnoopy Tue 16-Oct-18 06:57:08

Phew! Foraging is brilliant - although something that I am hopeless at. I can see why you want to get into it more. Do steer clear of mushrooms though, I've heard bad stories about even those with some mushroom experience.

MyArris Tue 16-Oct-18 07:03:59

Thank goodness you bombed them. I've never forgotten about this case, terrifying.

MyArris Tue 16-Oct-18 07:04:32

binned!!! Not bloody bombed shockhmmgrin

CherryValance Tue 16-Oct-18 20:06:41

I got some sweet chestnuts today - far safer (so long as you don't eat conkers instead!)

Weedsnseeds1 Thu 18-Oct-18 13:01:41

They're field mushrooms and edible, but echo PP, be cautious of fungi until you are sure you can 100% identify them yourself.
Equally important - learn to identify the few species you find in the UK that are very toxic to be doubly sure!

Weedsnseeds1 Thu 18-Oct-18 13:04:01

The pinkish gilled one is the same mushroom, just younger.

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