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Dried coconut milk powder!

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Emma3614 Mon 15-Oct-18 18:05:13

I have a recipe for coconut & lime cake which calls for dried coconut milk powder which I struggled to find. Eventually saw some in Tesco but it costs £4! Does anyone know if I could just use coconut milk, which is so much cheaper? Thanks

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Giraffeski Mon 15-Oct-18 18:10:42

I would imagine it would throw off the liquid balance, not sure it's a good sub tbh. Although creamed coconut might work instead- it's sold in blocks and you grate it in

Emma3614 Mon 15-Oct-18 19:15:04

Ah, didn’t think of that 🤔 thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have a look at that 👍🏻

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Nicpem1982 Tue 08-Jan-19 17:40:58

Bit late now but oriental supermarkets sell coconut milk powder cheaply

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