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Give me your best full fat old fashioned rice pudding recipe

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FirstAidDevice Sun 14-Oct-18 13:43:52

Majority on google are low fat/quick/express rice puddings

I want the one my dad made in the oven for hours with a thick skin on the top 😍

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SweetPeaPods Sun 14-Oct-18 13:54:08

Oh following. I have been craving proper rice pudding for weeks now but I’m the only one in our house that eats it so haven’t looked too far.

WeeSausage Sun 14-Oct-18 13:56:01

2 Oz rice
2 Oz sugar
1 pint milk
160'c for 2 hours

Blondie1984 Sun 14-Oct-18 17:53:09

For pure indulgence try this one or for something more “everyday” then Nigel Slater’s is fab

Trashcanoracle Fri 19-Oct-18 19:59:07

Simplest I know.
100g pudding rice
50g sugar
1tsp vanilla extract or vanilla pod
700ml milk - could be 500ml whole milk plus 200ml cream
Good teaspoon of fresh grated nutmeg

Mix rice, sugar, vanilla and liquid
Put in earthenware dish
Grate nutmeg over
Bake @ 140 fan about 2 hours

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