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Cake don't rise

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BengalLioness Sun 14-Oct-18 09:27:11

Okay so I have always baked the same old cake with the same old ingredients for the last 6 years.

Suddenly last month my cakes no longer rise and are so dense it's just doing my head in. I thought I was doing something wrong with the cake first but now I see my puff pastry won't puff up either !

I have a fan assisted oven.

How can I fix this? Do I need a completely new oven or something particular I need to sort out. Stressing me out.

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NannyR Sun 14-Oct-18 09:30:59

Can you get an oven thermometer to double check that its actually heating up to the temperature indicated on the dial.
Are you using something like baking powder or bicarbonate - it might be worth trying a brand new tub - the raising ability degrades after they've been open for a while.

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