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Leftover roast pork

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hipposarerad Mon 08-Oct-18 14:05:19

What can I do with it? I usually turn it into a Chinese style 'fakeaway' curry but was wondering what else i could do.

All suggestions gratefully received.

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InDubiousBattle Mon 08-Oct-18 14:10:21

I like to cut thick slices of it and put it in a frying pan with some sweet chilli sauce, reduce the sauce to a sticky coating then add some halloumi slices on top of the pork and put it under the grill for a few minutes.

SpoonBlender Mon 08-Oct-18 14:12:16

Stirfry or chilli are both popular here. Chicken and leftovers pie? Wrap with a bit of Chinese sauce and (xthread!) spring onions?

I tend to go with the simple option of scoffing it as a sandwich!

SpoonBlender Mon 08-Oct-18 14:12:57

Ooooh. I want what InDubiousBattle's having!

Dammit, I just finished the halloumi too.

TigerDrankAllTheWaterInTheTap Mon 08-Oct-18 14:13:01

I had some recently and ate it cold with the leftover apple sauce and a baked potato. It was lovely.

MrsPear Mon 08-Oct-18 14:19:22

Cut into chunks, coat and make sweet and sour.

hipposarerad Mon 08-Oct-18 14:21:04

Thanks everyone, I like all these ideas so far, but InDubiousBattle's suggestion has the highest 'phwooar'-factor. I don't think our local shop stocks halloumi (I've got DS2 off school so no going to town), but I'm banking the suggestion for a later date.

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madvixen Mon 08-Oct-18 14:38:14

Cut it into chunks and pop it in a pan with a bottle of BBQ sauce. Cook low and slow until it falls apart. Turns it into a yummy pulled pork

canihaveacoffeeplease Tue 09-Oct-18 13:46:02

Pork bao bus! A fair bit of work but so worth it!

canihaveacoffeeplease Tue 09-Oct-18 13:46:36

*buns not bus, sorry!

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