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2 year old breakfast ideas

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Fonzie Wed 25-Aug-04 13:01:27

Any ideas for breakfast for 2 year old. We were rolling along nicely on cereal and fruit but it's come to a grinding halt. He doesn't like eggs but any other suggestions are very welcome.

Fio2 Wed 25-Aug-04 13:02:18

yogurt and a banana


Fio2 Wed 25-Aug-04 13:02:52

my two like good old marmite on toast or pate on toast (or honey, but it has to be local honey!!!)

aloha Wed 25-Aug-04 13:03:18

toast, fruit

notthecod Wed 25-Aug-04 13:07:45

tesco do them
they freeze too

Blu Wed 25-Aug-04 13:08:47

Anything that he likes - mine often has chunks of cheese and apple, and we don't necessarily stick to traditional 'breakfast' food.

Brioche rolls
Rice pudding

saintshar Wed 25-Aug-04 13:09:12

My two Year old doesn't 'do' breakfast, but i can just about get him to eat fromage frais yogurt with different fresh fruit cut up and mixed into it.
Also banana with milk, with a little sprinkle of sugar on top!!

Fonzie Wed 25-Aug-04 13:11:14

Banana with milk and sugar sounds great but DH is a dentist and so I can't see that going down too well!

Branster Wed 25-Aug-04 13:16:32

toast with jam

notthecod Wed 25-Aug-04 13:16:38

yes fonz but does dh endure the breadksast refusal?! :O

Motherdearest Wed 25-Aug-04 13:17:18

Crumpets with butter/honey/marmite (not all together - DDs probably would, but it would turn my stomach to make it for them).

My 20 month likes the odd rasher of bacon too.

Lemon and raisin pancakes.

Blu Wed 25-Aug-04 13:28:32

cold sausage
ham sandwiches
last night's leftovers
a smoothie

Fio2 Wed 25-Aug-04 13:29:32

is that your usual breakfast Blu or ds's?

Blu Wed 25-Aug-04 13:49:54

You've caught me out, Fio!

Kayleigh Wed 25-Aug-04 13:52:52

cheese on toast ?

lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 13:10:27


nailpolish Wed 05-Jan-05 13:22:20

banana on toast
raisin toast
ready brek
cereal bars (my dd's favourite is the kelloggs fruit and fibre) and we call them biscuits which makes them sound like a special treat!

popsycal Wed 05-Jan-05 13:24:21

big fans of crumpets in this house
cereal - eg weetabix with banana
toast - with marmite/jam/ etc
mini pancakes (tesco)

nailpolish Wed 05-Jan-05 13:25:03

quick poached egg

break egg into cup
break yolk with a knife
add DRIP of vinegar (optional) otherwise teaspoon of water
salt and pepper if want to
cover with cling film loose or kitchen paper loose

put in micro for 20/30 secs depending on whether you want yolk runny/hard etc

can eat mashed in cup or put on toast or whatever

woodpops Wed 05-Jan-05 13:39:30

Cheese on crumpets
Cheesey scrambled egg
Potato waffle and baked beans
Fruit platter
Natural yog and fruit compote

Nailpolish, can I just ask why you break the yolk or is it because of the age and raw egg and all that jazz?? Part of the fun of poached eggs is dipping your toast in the runny yolk

GreatBigFatHeiferEnid Wed 05-Jan-05 13:46:33

croissants very popular here, only second to Ready Brek.

nailpolish Wed 05-Jan-05 14:00:30

rofl woodpops!

its because if you dont break it the yolk EXPLODES in the micro!

woodpops Wed 05-Jan-05 14:18:46

Oh, I see. That's no fun!!!!!

woodpops Wed 05-Jan-05 14:19:21

What's rofl as well?? I'm having a dim day !!!

nailpolish Wed 05-Jan-05 14:33:01

roll on floor laughing.

woodpops, you always make me smile

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