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What can I use these yeast flakes for?

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SummersB Wed 03-Oct-18 09:41:33

Bought them ages ago for a recipe, can’t even remember what it was, some sort of cashew cream I think, which tasted vile. But they were quite expensive and I hate wasting food, so any suggestions would be great

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ShavenConnery Wed 03-Oct-18 11:21:51

that uses almond milk, and it's what I bought them for. I'm not a fan, really, but I guess you can just add them to other stews/sauces for an extra flavour.

TheSpottedZebra Thu 04-Oct-18 13:05:05

Nutritional yeast?
Oddly nice (and easy) on homemade popcorn, to make it 'cheesy'. Add other flavours like thyme or cayenne.

kennythekangaroo Fri 05-Oct-18 10:28:20

I throw a handful in spa bol or any tomato/pasta dish. It thickens it a bit and adds a slight cheese flavour.

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