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Inspiration for soup accompaniment that's vegetarian and slimming world friendly

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Mumof1DS Tue 02-Oct-18 15:00:02

I am making carrot and coriander soup for some visitors tomorrow. They're doing slimming world, DH and I are veggie. What can I make to go with the soup that's suitable for both? I hear bread is off the cards for SW! I thought quiche, but the less faff the better really as I'm sleep deprived and in the midst of PND so struggling for motivation/energy.

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TakeAChanseyOnMe Tue 02-Oct-18 15:03:46

My understanding is they can have a small amount of bread and Syn it or have it as a “healthy extra.”

How rich is your soup? If it’s a thick and hearty one it might not need anything else.

maxelly Tue 02-Oct-18 15:15:59

Not sure on the SW rules but I think it's fat that is the big no-no, a small portion of healthy carbs is probably OK. I'm not 100% sure though, so I guess to be safe you could serve a selection of other cold lunch items such as a salad, cheese, cold meats, maybe some pickles or chutneys etc and let everyone pick what they want? Perhaps with some 'diet friendly' bread (is it Danish bread that SW people have or is that WW?) and butter/low fat marg available separately.

When I was on a diet I used to save up 'extra' calories if I knew I was having lunch at someone's house as I wouldn't want to give extra trouble/would look forward to some nice food so you may find they eat more heartily than you expect!

And like TakeaAChansey I do quite often have a nice thick soup just on its own and it's plenty filling enough so maybe don't worry too much! So that's inconclusive really, sorry...!

SillyLittleBiscuit Tue 02-Oct-18 15:21:07

LizB62A Tue 02-Oct-18 15:33:18

Is your soup recipe SW-friendly? Lot's aren't !!

LizB62A Tue 02-Oct-18 16:01:44

If you make a quiche, don't use pastry (use the butternut squash lasagne sheets to line the quiche tin, e.g., don't add any fat and add lots of veggies

Blondie1984 Tue 02-Oct-18 17:35:43

Make a Spanish omelette - basically just eggs and lots of veggies - don’t put cheese or potatoes in - you can make it ahead of time and serve hot or cold

Have you used any oil making your soup? Or added cream?

Namechange170518 Tue 02-Oct-18 17:38:23

I used to make 'syn free' potato wedges to dip in soup when I was on slimming world. Use spray oil and oven bake.

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 02-Oct-18 17:42:20

If you get the plain uncooked poppadoms you can cook them in the microwave, no need for added oil.

LizB62A Tue 02-Oct-18 21:55:39

If you get the plain uncooked poppadoms you can cook them in the microwave, no need for added oil

Plain uncooked poppadoms will still be syns as they contain flour.
I've had a quick google and the Sharwoods microwaveable ones are 1.5 syns each (and most people get 15 syns a day)

serbska Wed 03-Oct-18 08:44:32

Slices of roasted chicken breast and some cucumber and baby toms? That’s my go to addition for soup if I don’t fancy crusty bread.

serbska Wed 03-Oct-18 11:04:22

Lol chicken breast isn't veggie obviously. Sorry!

How about some sliced boiled egg?

fruitbrewhaha Wed 03-Oct-18 11:06:39

I put a poached egg in soup when I'm hungry. Yum

fruitbrewhaha Wed 03-Oct-18 11:07:37

Much easier than quiche or omelette.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Wed 03-Oct-18 11:10:37

Mini crustless quiches?
Teeny li'l baked potatoes to dunk?

LizB62A Wed 03-Oct-18 11:18:46

Or just ask your guests what they'd like? smile

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