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please tell me your posh nibbles recipes!

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vinobell Mon 01-Oct-18 21:01:32

holding a posh party in a couple of weeks... and i NEED some impressive recipes. Will be for hors d'oeuvres, and things that can be eaten standing up around the kitchen, rather than a sit down meal.

Planning on having antipasti, cheese board, crostini type things but need a good selection more to feed a crowd. Bonus points if it doesn't take too much effort! but definitely want things that will impress. Sweet and savoury! thanks!

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 01-Oct-18 21:13:29

good luck!

Blondie1984 Mon 01-Oct-18 23:43:40

Get new potatoes and roast them, then partially split, fill with sour cream, a little smoked salmon and put some caviar (mock or real) on top

Little Gem lettuce leaves filled with a little smoked salmon pate

Mini pavlovas

Gazpacho shots

Rainbowqueeen Mon 01-Oct-18 23:50:51

Soften cream cheese and mix in some lemon pepper

Spread over smoked salmon. Roll the smoked salmon up and cut into rounds (like scrolls). You need to clean the knife between each cut as othwrwisethere is cream cheese everywhere and they don’t look nice

tumpymummy Tue 02-Oct-18 00:07:44

Dates, make a half cut in the top and put in a bit of cheese - easy and tasty!

buttontin Tue 02-Oct-18 00:16:51

I read nibbles as nipples...

Went to a posh party recently and they served appetisers on porcelain spoons like this...

purplecorkheart Tue 02-Oct-18 00:22:58

Make sure they are bite size or at most two bites and also e
asy to eat if someone is holding a glass in the other hand so I would avoid something that requires a spoon etc.

Good smoked salmon on bellinis with something like a horseradish cream.

Maybe something on those round croutons (mini french breads slices) that you can get in super markets with some time of pate/mousse/salsa etc on them.

Might be worth googling a few tapas restaurants for ideas, depending on the rest of your menu.

marycontraryquite Tue 02-Oct-18 00:44:14

I love making nibbles. Here are a few suggestions.

Blinis (make sure they are grilled or oven baked first) topped with Creme fraiche, caviar (roe? the one from Sainsbury's is good) and squeeze of lemon.

Mini stuffed peppers. Sounds odd but I halve those little mini peppers and stuff them with a mixture of hummus, spring onion and bacon (or really any combination of yummy stuff), top with a sprinkling of cheese and bake in the oven for 10 mins.

Sushi is surprisingly easy to make and is a brilliant nibble for a posh party. You can turn out a lot of pieces very quickly if you have a go (disclaimer - have never made it myself but my dh and dd make it frequently and it always looks so impressive).

Make crostini by thinly slicing a baguette, placing the slices on baking trays and baking for 5 mins until crisp but not burnt. Let it cool. Then top with whatever you fancy.

Ones that go down well are

red pesto and goats cheese ( ovened before serving)

Smoked mackerel pate and thinly sliced pickled cucumber

Hummus and thin slices of sautéed chorizo

Cream cheese mixed with a bit of
Lemon juice and horseradish topped with thinly sliced roast beef/smoked salmon

Whipped feta (mix feta and Greek yoghurt together) topped with tiny cubes of green pepper, red onion, tomato and cucumber.

SeaToSki Tue 02-Oct-18 01:03:05

Try and get merguez sausage, middle eastern lamb style. Pre cook it earlier in the day and cut into chunky slices (be careful to not overcook and dry it out). Cut pita bread into quarters. When you want to serve, nuke the sausage until warm, toast the pita until warm but still soft and then put sausage in pita and top with a dollop of tzaziki.

Roll small pieces of smoked salmon in baby spinach leaves, stick a toothpick through it, anchor it on a thick slice of cucumber so the cucumber is the base and the toothpick is standing up. Before serving sprinkle with salt liberally and squeeze lemon juice over.

Vol au vents with corronation chicken. A complete throwback to the 70 s but sooo yummy

Palmiers. Cook them until seriously crispy no matter what the receipe says. V cool, and if you buy premade fillings like pesto, v easy but might be a bit large

SeaToSki Tue 02-Oct-18 01:04:39

Oh and i once did tomato soup in shot glasses and toasted cheese sandwiches cut into fingers on the side. That was great but a bit last minute intensive on toasting the sandwiches

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Tue 02-Oct-18 16:18:12

One of my favourite but super easy is frozen mini Yorkshire puddings, warmed then thin slices of beef inside with a small dollop of horseradish.

WonkyDonk87 Tue 02-Oct-18 17:42:48

Smoked salmon blinis but with dill mustard (Sainsbury's is best) instead of horseradish.

formerbabe Tue 02-Oct-18 17:55:31

Definitely easy and quick yet look so nice and posh!

Also dates wrapped in bacon.

Mini Yorkshire with a thin slice of rare roast beef and some horseradish creme fraiche.

quince2figs Tue 02-Oct-18 22:34:01

Things on sticks:
Mini mozzarella ball, cherry tomato, basil leaves, drizzle of pesto
Fig half, creamy blue or goats cheese, wrapped in Parma ham
Nigella’s many recipe versions of sticky glazed cocktail sausages
(Marinated) king prawn, avocado chunk, cucumber
Strong cheddar, cube of apple, pickled pearl onion
Feta, red onion, black olive, tomato, cucumber, sprinkled with oregano
Chicken or grilled halloumi tikka chunks, lemon wedge with a mint yogurt or mint/coriander chutney dip

Mini croque monsieur squares

Blinis with smoked salmon, sour cream and salmon roe, dill sprig

Strawberry, hollow out stalk end and fill/pipe with mascarpone or cream cheese, slightly sweetened with icing sugar and vanilla. Dip filling end in digestive biscuit crumbs (instant cheesecake)

Mini pavlova - lemon curd, mango and lime, or passion fruit a nice change

Mini choc brownie squares

Mini raspberry Bakewell squares or friands

Mini lemon bars (Ina Garten recipe)

Hungry now!

quince2figs Tue 02-Oct-18 22:35:25

Oh, small falafel and humours dip too

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Tue 02-Oct-18 22:48:50

Was going to say mini muffin yorkies, sliced beef and horseradish but it’s already been added.

smoked makeral pate - smoked makeral mixed with creme fraiche .

Finger food but messy would be selfish for me, crusted mussels in their shells, king prawn skewers.

Disclaimer I’m not posh but I love food!

vinobell Wed 03-Oct-18 13:45:05

some amazing suggestions here!
for the mini yorkshires - what tin do you use? muffin? or is there a good frozen alternative?

make or buy the blinis? the strawberry cheesecake thing sounds EPIC

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quince2figs Wed 03-Oct-18 23:11:12

You’ve got me thinking of even more now, vinobell! I absolutely love posh nibbles.

Yorkshires made in mini (deep) muffin tins.
Blinis are good bought; Nigella potato pancakes a nice alternative.

You can also do the deconstructed (reconstructed?) cheesecake with raspberries, if they are large and you are dexterous enough. M&S usually a good bet for large tasty fruit.

A bit twee, but mini fish and chips in a brown paper or newspaper cone - a goujon and couple of chunky chips per portion.

Along same line, mini burgers - home made tiny beef or turkey mince, made very thin to allow for shape thickening as cooked. Stamp out small rounds from sliced bread or brioche, Gruyere or processed cheese slice, and a gherkin. Assemble with small blob of American mustard and ketchup.
Similar for veggie version - grilled garlic mushroom, filled with melted mozzarella or halloumi and spray of truffle oil. Best in wholemeal or rye bread.

Slow-roasted sheet of pork belly; remove skin and cool under a weight (can be done couple of days before). Skin cut into thin strips and hot roasted/grilled into v crispy crackling. To serve, cut meat into strips or squares and reheat in oven. Dab with apple sauce or onion marmalade and garnish with crackling.

Small sushi rolls??

vinobell Thu 04-Oct-18 09:43:38

quince2figs you sound delicious! off to the supermarket today to have a mooch and see whats available (we live v rurally so only have one choice!). some fab ideas here. Love it!

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quince2figs Fri 05-Oct-18 20:41:10

Hope you have some fab ingredients, vino

frenchfancy Sun 07-Oct-18 06:52:21

Don't forget sausage rolls. Even when everything else is posh food everyone loves a good sausage roll.

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