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Jewish chicken soup recipe please

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Dalesgirl16 Mon 01-Oct-18 19:50:18

I want to make the best chicken soup ever. In the slow cooker. Has anyone got a recipe for it with all the best herbs and veg in!

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RedTulip86 Mon 01-Oct-18 21:18:29

I just had a look at Clarissa Hyman’s book. Her recipe calls for a bit of shin of beef and chicken with all giblets, celery stick, onion, carrot, salt, peppercorns and bay leaves. I’d roast the chicken first to give it more flavour and whack everything into slow cooker.

bellinisurge Mon 01-Oct-18 21:28:24

You need kneidlach made with schmaltz (chicken fat) Or just good kneidlach . I actually never attempt them for fear of messing up - I've been treated to so many delicious ones in my time.

Glaciferous Mon 01-Oct-18 21:33:23

This is good for how to make the stock:

I would add a leek to the stock, too, and maybe a clove of garlic or two.

Once you've made it, put the stock in a pan with a finely diced carrot, two sticks of celery cut into tiny pieces (either thin slices or little cubes), a handful or two of red lentils, some shredded leek and any leftover chicken cut up small, and bring to the boil. Spring onions sliced very thinly are good too. Simmer for about fifteen minutes. You can add some finely chopped parsley near the end (last couple of minutes). It's one of my daughter's favourite meals. Add some short noodles or very small pasta near the end to make it more filling, too.

Dalesgirl16 Mon 01-Oct-18 21:44:31

Ooh see how they vary already! Thank you for your replies.

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LimpLettice Fri 19-Oct-18 20:34:24

Late to this but my very Jewish grandmas recipe:
Whole boiling chicken (kosher will include neck). If you can't get a boiler I use roasting chicken with extra leftover bones from roasts etc.
Few extra wings
Large onion
2 ribs celery
2 big carrots
Bay leaves and small bunch dill
Whitworths dried veg mix, about 1/4 pack
Teaspoon salt
Half a teaspoon peppercorns

Put everything (veg whole is fine and don't peel the onion) in a large pan covered with water. Bring to a gentle simmer, skim off scum. Simmer for about 3 hours, skimming fat as you go. Taste. It needs to be fairly strong and well seasoned.

Allow to cool, take meat off the whole bird and put to one side. Discard everything else except the stock. Cool and lift off any excess fat which you can save and use for matzo balls.

Slice another large carrot or 2 into rounds, cook in soup til soft. Chuck in tinned rinsed butter beans, cooked lokshen (vermicelli pasta) and the shredded chicken. Chop the dill and sprinkle over. Eat very hot, with crushed up matzo crackers in the soup.

Dalesgirl16 Sat 20-Oct-18 18:24:47

Thank you for the recipe!!!

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PetraDelphiki Sat 20-Oct-18 18:31:13

Far too complicated! Take a boiling chicken (whole) Few carrots, couple of onions, couple of sticks of celery (all cut into chunks). Cover with water, boil until done! Add salt and pepper and lockshen (noodles).

Amaaboutthis Sat 20-Oct-18 18:36:06

Absolutely do not cook the chicken first. I’ve stopped using a boiler and buy 2 boiler carcasses and a pack of wings. A few carrots, a few sticks of celery, an onion, a couple of bay leaves, salt and pepper. Cover with cold water, bring to the boil, clean off the scum, reduce the heat and then cook for at least 5 hours. Leave over night, strain, bring to the boil and add a couple of telma / osem or marigold stock powder.

Bootanicbanshee Sat 20-Oct-18 18:41:45

Agree with Petra about keeping it simple. I put in a whole onion in it’s skin too (for glorious golden colour) and remove it before serving. Use schmalz for kneidlach too!

Glaciferous Sun 04-Nov-18 21:55:31

Leave over night, strain, bring to the boil and add a couple of telma / osem or marigold stock powder.

I really think if you need to add stock cubes then you've made your stock wrong. A chicken soup shouldn't need extra stock cubes at all.

Also, soup made from an uncooked chicken is lovely, but if you use the carcass of a roast you can get two meals from one chicken (maybe not the entire week's worth of food that is the MN Chicken of Neverending Meals, though). You absolutely do not need a whole chicken's worth of meat for one soup, unless you are feeding ten people at a go. The noodles and veg will bulk it up and make it filling enough without all that meat.

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