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Recipes for using red grapes

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ToowhitToowhoo Fri 28-Sep-18 11:09:18

I have a glut of red/black grapes that are growing on a vine in the garden. They are fairly sweet when ripe, but full of pips so we don't tend to eat them. Every year they generally go to waste, and this year I want to do something with them instead.

I have found a few recipes for grape jelly/jam which look good, but I am also looking for maybe a chutney recipe that I could try too? Any grape chutney recipes the I have found so far have been for whole, seedless grapes.

Any ideas on a chutney recipe to use these grapes up, or any other ideas? (Making them into wine doesn't appeal - have done it before and it was terrible!).

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Floyella Fri 28-Sep-18 19:09:22

Halve them then freeze, and use as flavoured ice cubes.

Adds a classy touch when you've forgotten to put white wine in the fridge grin

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