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Is the aldi version of stork margarine any good for baking?

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NannyR Fri 28-Sep-18 08:08:38

I need to do a large number of cupcakes on a budget this weekend. To keep costs down I'm saving the butter for the buttercream icing, I would normally use stork for the cakes when making a large quantity but I'm going to aldi today and wondered if their version (is it called "good for baking" or something like that??) tastes similar and gives good results?

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Almondio Fri 28-Sep-18 08:11:01

I use it for baking all the time and find it absolutley fine for sponges and muffins or cupcaked but am definitely more of a 'home baker' than anything more skilled...

MuffinMad Fri 28-Sep-18 08:44:17

I have never used Aldi's baking spread but I did used to use stork a lot.
I read somewhere about Clover being an excellent substitute. I do a fair amount of baking and since using Clover the results are fantastic! Wonderful texture and a real buttery flavour.
I know it can be quite expensive most of the time but I buy it when it's a bit cheaper.
At the moment, it is available at Iceland £2 for a 1kg tub.
Hope this helps!

Babybearsporij Mon 08-Oct-18 20:12:14

I always use the generic version of Stork and my cakes always turn out great.

FrancesDestroyed Fri 26-Oct-18 19:19:05

I use Aldi's own Stork for my school tray bakes and it's fine.

PortiaCastis Fri 26-Oct-18 19:20:29

Is the Aldi one good for gingerbread men?

witchcatcalledjohn Fri 26-Oct-18 19:28:38

I use both the ALDI & LIDL version of Stork and have had good results with both. I've only tried it in cakes though, not biscuits/pastry.

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