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Ricekrispie22 Thu 27-Sep-18 16:50:31

Mini toad in the holes
Sweetcorn fritters
Fishcakes Leave the parsley out of you think that 'green bits' will put her off!
Simple frittata
Carrot and Parmesan risotto
Cream cheese bagels
Cheese pancakes

yorkiepudsnutellaandicecream Thu 27-Sep-18 16:01:34

Hello all!

I'm having a REALLY tough time trying to find meals my 2 year old will eat. My 3 year old will at least try anything put down to him but 2 year old DD will not.

She used to eat anything and everything and now she's going through THAT phase. I've tried cooking meals from scratch like casseroles, pastas, pies. She used to eat Little Dish meals every once in a blue moon and loved them, tried them again with her and it's a big nope.
She no longer eats scrambled egg. Picks the cheese out of her sandwiches and eats the bread.
She'll eat chips, and she'll eat turkey dinosaurs but I don't want her to live on them.
She'll sometimes eat pasta.
She's even not keen on beans anymore which she used to love. She doesn't even eat pizza.

I don't know what else I can try.
She's currently having wee willie winkies, mashed potato and Heinz paw patrol pasta to see if she'll eat that. All she's eating is the sausages.

Please can anyone recommend any meals I can try? I'm sick of wasting every meal she eats especially as we're on a very tight budget right now. It's also frustrating when I've spent a while cooking her dinner for her to sit and say yuck.

Thank you


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