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Indiviually-wrapped, nut-free, vegetarians

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JellySlice Sun 23-Sep-18 07:58:17

I need individually-wrapped, nut-free, vegetarian chocolates and sweets for a treats bucket. They don't need to be strictly nut-free, like from a free-from range, but they need to be wrapped so that people who know they're at risk can make an informed choice and also know that the other treats in the box won't be contaminated.

If there were no restrictions I'd probably get boxes of Heroes or Celebrations, Quality Street etc and Swizzles or Haribo etc, empty them out into the bucket and give it a good stir.

Any suggestions from people who've already run the the gauntlet of squinting at the ingredients lists?

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Lwmommy Sun 23-Sep-18 08:02:15

The Lindt lindor balls are vegetarian, may contain traces of nuts but come in a variety of flavours.

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