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Old almonds

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MrsSiba Thu 20-Sep-18 11:45:00

Having a clear out and found an opened packet of plain raw almonds with a date March 2018 😨 They were kept in an airtight tub.

Any idea what to use them up in or are they only fit for the bin?

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HeyMacWey Thu 20-Sep-18 11:46:48

Try eating one and see what it tastes like.
If they're ok I'd roast them with spices and have them as a snack.

user1495884620 Thu 20-Sep-18 11:47:14

I'd probably use them, especially if they are unopened but if you don't want to, I'm sure the birds would appreciate them.

MrsSiba Thu 20-Sep-18 13:08:08

Thanks for your replies. Was worried in case they turned toxic after a long time but no one said that!

They taste ok so will try toasting with spices.

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