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Rules for Village Show Victoria Sponge Cake

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southeastastra Sat 09-Jun-07 21:28:59

buy one from m & s

chonky Sat 09-Jun-07 21:28:17

Not convinced about the doilly tbh, I'd go for a vintage style cake stand.

Slubberdegullion Sat 09-Jun-07 21:27:58

No recipe on the form. I tell you it's only for women in the know

chonky Sat 09-Jun-07 21:27:23

Deffo icing sugar on top - could be very fancy and stencil a design on top.

Slubberdegullion Sat 09-Jun-07 21:26:54

Do you think they could tell if it was homemade jam. Would I get extra points for that?

AttilaTheMum Sat 09-Jun-07 21:26:08

At our village fete the recipe used to be on the entry form for anything where it had to be specific

goingfor3 Sat 09-Jun-07 21:25:30

butter, homemade strawberry jam if possible, no idea about the others.

Slubberdegullion Sat 09-Jun-07 21:24:22

Thanks sugarfree. I knew there would be someone on here who has some VSC knowledge.

Have you ever entered one yourself?

sugarfree Sat 09-Jun-07 21:22:03

Definitely butter and a doily,probably strawberry jam and no cream.The others not to sure tbh.

Slubberdegullion Sat 09-Jun-07 21:07:25

So I am taking the plunge and am going to enter a Victoria Sponge Cake into our local village show.

I'm not pussy-footing around with lemon curd. Oh no, straight into the Blue Riband event.

But I am a little afraid as I know there are rules. And these rules are not written down. If you have to ask, well you shoudn't be entering (well that's what I am sensing).

So I'm going to ask in happy annonymity here.

Size (18 or 20cm)?
Butter or marg?
What type of jam?
Cream filling?
Icing sugar or caster sugar on the top?
Doilly? (Sp?)

Seasoned village show entrants (or judges) your help gladly recieved.

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