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Best butter alternative for fruit cake!!

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Stars2theside Sun 16-Sep-18 11:01:00

My lovely neighbours are dairy and soy intolerant, and I would LOVE to make them a Christmas fruit cake that they can enjoy - can anyone recommend an alternative for butter? Preferably one you have used yourself! I use Lurpak in my regular recipe!

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PragmaticWench Sun 16-Sep-18 11:01:27

Stork block is good.

Stars2theside Sun 16-Sep-18 21:33:27

Thank you! Have got some now, but have been told they're now egg free! Now trying to decide on the best fruit cake recipe that's egg free!

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PragmaticWench Sun 16-Sep-18 21:51:22

Oh gawd that's difficult, and DD used to be egg-free so I've experimented a fair bit! You could use orgran egg replacer, but I've not tried it with fruit cake.

You could try messaging the blog Feed Felix Fast on Facebook as she has a LOT of experience baking for all sorts of allergies and makes amazing food.

NoTeaNoShadeNoPinkLemonade Sun 16-Sep-18 21:52:10

coconut oil and soy yogurt

NoTeaNoShadeNoPinkLemonade Sun 16-Sep-18 21:52:33

oops no soy duh

RahRahRooRah Sun 16-Sep-18 21:55:18

Egg replacer is ok, but whisk it up first
Banana works well - but only if you don't mind faint taste of banana!
Also - and go with me on this - chickpea water (drain the chickpeas from a can) and three tablespoons is the same as a whole egg
Whisk it up as you would an egg, and it doesn't taste of chickpeas, I've used it to make meringues!
Good luck 😃

whojamaflip Sun 16-Sep-18 21:58:54

Google beer fruit cake - it's lush and completely butter or fat free but it does use eggs so don't know if you could substitute something else?

Stars2theside Mon 17-Sep-18 08:01:18

I've found quite a few recipes online that are egg free, luckily enough. They're more of a Dundee cake style, but that's close enough to a Christmas fruit cake! I'm thinking I may make a small one first to see how it tastes! Will defo check that blog out - thank you!

The banana idea is good! Oh my! Chickpea water?! I'm tempted as I'm so curious as to how?!? Also - meringues?! Blimey!


That sounds delicious! Might have to just make it for myself!


Those were my first thoughts, and then thought duh, no soy! 🙈🙈

This is all fantastic - thank you all.

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