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When can I buttercream birthday cake?

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LetsPlayBamboozled Fri 14-Sep-18 11:08:14

I am wanting to make dd a butterfly birthday cake. I have no idea when is best to do what and I really need some confidence in what I'm doing because my MIL is desperate to be involved and the slightest wobble she will be in like a flash to take over! I'd really appreciate any guidance anyone can give.

So I'm going to make a basic chocolate sponge then cut into the butterfly shape (just cut in half so the round sides push together and take a notch out of each side to create the look of 4 wings), wrap in foil and put in the freezer.

Her birthday party is a Saturday and I don't know, do I need to decorate it in the morning or can I do it the night before? To decorate I will make a chocolate buttercream and put smarties round the edge. I will use a few large chocolate buttons on each wing to look like a spot and then I might sprinkle some star shaped cake sprinkles all over. Possibly I will add minstrels or maltesers up the middle like the body and maybe laces for antenna but not sure it will need it? Pesumably smarties colour will run if wet and left too long so maybe I need to put those on in the morning? Can I do the buttercream the night before? Earlier?

I think I will need to get one of those cake carriers to transport it? Can I keep it in that overnight or does it need to fit in the fridge? Do the carriers fit a cake board in? Do I decorate it on the cake board and then wipe up the mess off the board around the cake? I can't imagine lifting it on if I decorate it anywhere else.

So many questions sorry really want to get a plan in place!! Thank you!

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beela Sun 16-Sep-18 21:24:53

I love your butterfly plan!

I'd buttercream it the night before and then put the decorations on on the day. It should be fine overnight out of the fridge. I often use the oven as a storage place actually (switched off, obvs!).

Decorate it on the cake board with strips of greaseproof paper underneath, all the way round. Pull them out after you've decorated. Ta dah!

Foggymist Sun 16-Sep-18 22:35:33

Freeze it wrapped in clingfilm and a freezer bag, not tin foil. Buttercream it the night before while still frozen, put smarties on next day. Its fine out of fridge, only needs fridge if it has fresh cream or fresh fruit. Definitely don't need to buy a cake carrier, just get a cake box from a pound shop or bakery.

LetsPlayBamboozled Wed 19-Sep-18 19:44:23

Thank you both so much! Cling film it is. Oven a great idea and would never have thought of the greaseproof paper, you're a genius Beela !!

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