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Quick, easy but tasty finger food buffet

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RockingMyFiftiesNot Wed 12-Sep-18 20:44:21

DD having c 20 friends to the house for pre-drinks before they go out for the night. I said I'd make food. She's asked for finger foods rather than e.g chilli or lasagne.
I'm not keen on beige frozen party foods, but given the numbers and my lack of time I'll have to mix and match - maybe buy Bhajis, samosas, spring rolls which would be too time consuming to make from scratch. Will probably do a ton of sticky sausages, chicken wings or drumsticks, pizza too maybe.
But that all sounds a bit dull so was hoping MN could give me some new inspiration would prefer to include some home cooked stuff.
Don't want to go down the fork buffet route so no salads etc. Thanks

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AdaColeman Wed 12-Sep-18 20:46:41

Cheese & pineapple hedgehog is a must!

RockingMyFiftiesNot Wed 12-Sep-18 20:47:42

Ooh yes of course, how could I forget that!!

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30303030old Wed 12-Sep-18 20:48:24

Use puff pastry and make cheese tartlets
With whatever you fancy. Gruyere and leek. Cheddar and onion, Brie and cranberry. Just mark out on a big sheet of pastry.

AdaColeman Wed 12-Sep-18 20:51:40

Squares of frittata

Padron peppers fried & with a sprinkle of sea salt

RockingMyFiftiesNot Wed 12-Sep-18 20:52:40

Like the sound of that @30303030old - do you bake in one big sheet after you've marked it out or cut into little squares? That's exactly the kind of thing I was after - thank you

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AdaColeman Wed 12-Sep-18 20:53:46

Marinated mixed olives

Devilled eggs

RockingMyFiftiesNot Wed 12-Sep-18 20:54:01

Thanks @AdaColeman, great ideas. Always worth asking MN about these things !!

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AdaColeman Wed 12-Sep-18 20:56:40

Sounds as though it's going to be a fab do!

RockingMyFiftiesNot Wed 12-Sep-18 20:57:07

Ooh I've just remembered something I've made before which would be good and quicker thank making garlic bread with baguettes although when I made it I used mozzarella

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RockingMyFiftiesNot Wed 12-Sep-18 20:58:17

They just need something to soak up the inevitable alcohol as they are going on to a club after

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30303030old Wed 12-Sep-18 21:19:56

I’d cut first into individual tartlets but you can cut it like a pizza.

RockingMyFiftiesNot Wed 12-Sep-18 21:27:28

Brilliant thank you @30303030old, that'll be so quick n easy!

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30303030old Wed 12-Sep-18 21:29:29

*i do not work for jusroll 😂 there’s billions of variations.

Alternatively bacon rolls and rolls and sausage are always a big hit and easy to make .

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Wed 12-Sep-18 21:31:46

Alcohol soaking food? Sliced Baguettes with a platter of cheese, hams, pulled pork etc to top it with some jars of pickles, like a mobile ploughman’s?

Baked Camembert also with bread

Yorkshire using batter cooked in a mini muffin tray, these can be made in advance nd frozen then re heated and top with a slice of beef and a dash of horseradish.

You could part cook and freeze a tray of crispy roast potatoes and then serve hot on the night to go with your sticky sausages.

I’d be sending someone to the local chippy on the night for bulk pre ordered chips to save oven space.

How about desserts, cakes and muffins, shop bought unless you are Nigella!

RockingMyFiftiesNot Wed 12-Sep-18 22:10:28

Thank you @DailyMailDontStealMyThread . I thought about meat & cheese platters and bread, but fancied something a bit more partyish. That said, pulled pork rolls would be good, think there'll be a couple of vegetarians so baked Camembert would be good and the non-meat puff pastry tarts. What a wonderful lot you are! Thanks again

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RockingMyFiftiesNot Thu 13-Sep-18 06:56:26

(@DailyMailDontStealMyThread wasn't ignoring cake/dessert suggestion but already sorted with that)

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