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How do you line an odd shaped cake tin?!?

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sparkymummy Fri 08-Jun-07 16:49:50

Am about to cook a cake in a tin shaped like the number one for my sons first birthday. It has no base and I need to line it but haven't a clue! Anyone cooked a number cake before who can tell me how to do it, eg do I need to line the sides?

DumbledoresGirl Fri 08-Jun-07 16:50:55

Cant you just put the tin on the greaseproof paper and draw round the outside? Or do you mean you want to line the sides?

SauerKraut Fri 08-Jun-07 16:51:05

Brushing with melted butter and sprinkling with flour works too.

sparkymummy Fri 08-Jun-07 16:53:49

I'm ok with the base, its just whether I need to do the sides, and if so how!

PandaG Fri 08-Jun-07 16:54:31

I would line the sides if I were you. If you mean the tin has no base (you need to put it on a baking tray to stop the mix flooding out the bottom type thing) then cut a strip of greaseprooof the same depth as the cake, and stick to the sides with marg, overlap slightly when you use next strip, and crease well into the corners iyswim

twinsetandpearls Fri 08-Jun-07 16:55:05

you will need to do it in stages.
base out of one piece and then cut a strip to do the sides ,you can snip the edges of the strip to go under the base if that makes sense.

ChippyMinton Fri 08-Jun-07 16:55:10

grease and flour the sides. Beacsue ther's no base, you should be able to ease the cake out.

Katymac Fri 08-Jun-07 16:55:17

Put it on a sheet of greaseproof & cut out a shape

Then put it on a sheet of greaseproof

Then cut strips about 1.5 cms taller than the tin sides - snip along one side every .73cm/1cm or so

Line the edges pushing the snipped bit flat

Put the cut out bit on top

lailasmum Fri 08-Jun-07 16:55:49

Grease with butter & flour the sides like sauerkraut said.

twinsetandpearls Fri 08-Jun-07 16:55:51

this is a square tin but the principle is the same

sparkymummy Fri 08-Jun-07 16:55:56

Thanks PandaG, so sit it on a sheet of greaseproof on a baking tray then line the sides, you are an angel!

PandaG Fri 08-Jun-07 16:56:25

if it has a base, do the above, but you can snip all the way along the bottom a small amount ie 1 cm up every cm, in order for this bit to bend onto the base of the tin. Line sides first, and then line the base, covering the 'frill' bit, which then means the whole cake is lined.

sparkymummy Fri 08-Jun-07 16:59:14

It doesn't have a base

twinsetandpearls Fri 08-Jun-07 16:59:50

sorry didn't see it had no base, how odd!

sparkymummy Fri 08-Jun-07 17:01:59

I know, my friend lent it to me and said she just sat it on a baking tray, I guess if it had a base it would be to hard to get the cake out with all the corners, iyswim

PandaG Fri 08-Jun-07 17:04:21

I'd make a madeira cake , they are firmer than an ordinary sponge and turn out better. Also, let it sit in the tin for a few mins before you try to turn it out.

sparkymummy Fri 08-Jun-07 17:27:07

Thanks so much everyone, off to get cooking!!!

gardenrosie Thu 02-Feb-17 20:30:53

Put the tin on a tray then line with strong foil and brush liberally with melted butter, followed by dusting of flour. If you don't put the foil in the mix pours out of the bottom, and if you have enough butter it stops the mix going into creases in the foil. Turn the finished cake out onto a chopping board, take off the tin, peel off the foil then turn back onto whatever you are displaying it/icing it on.

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