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I have just moved in a property with electric fan oven

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sofato5miles Sun 09-Sep-18 13:05:46

Horses for courses, I would only ever have an electric fan oven as I always have disasters in gas types!

BlueUggs Sun 09-Sep-18 13:05:08

I male cakes a lot in a fan oven. Try cooking them low and slow at 150 for about 30-40 mins.

INeedNewShoes Sun 09-Sep-18 13:04:46

I agree that the temperature isn't even throughout. If I were to bake a cake at the top it would definitely be done on top before the middle was ready.

greencatbluecat Sun 09-Sep-18 13:03:57

I cook my sponge cakes (in my electric fan oven) at 180C in the middle. Takes about 15 minutes.

Although the temperature is theoretically the same throughout, I do find that things cook a little quicker at the top.

SnuggyBuggy Sun 09-Sep-18 12:44:32

I remember when DM went through this. We worked out that you need to drop the temperature and maybe bake longer

MongerTruffle Sun 09-Sep-18 12:42:54

what shelve level do I need to be on
It doesn't matter. A fan oven distributes the heat evenly throughout the oven, so as a rule of thumb, you need to set the temperature to 20 degrees lower than what you would use for a conventional oven.

INeedNewShoes Sun 09-Sep-18 12:41:40

You will get used to it. I tend to have the shelf roughly middle of the oven and bake on 160 with mostly good results.

Cakespoiler Sun 09-Sep-18 12:39:52

I have had four disastrous attempts at sandwich cakes,they have not been cooked properly in the middle also a couple have risen up in the middle underneath a Nd left an hole ,what shelve level do I need to be on,leave never had any of my cakes go like this when I cooked with gas,am I ever going to get used to

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