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Your best slow cooker recipes please!!

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GreenTulips Sat 08-Sep-18 20:49:59

I love beef strips with tomatoes (tinned) add mushrooms and a few herbs - nom nom

starbrightlight Sat 08-Sep-18 17:12:29

I haven't got a cooker at the moment so my slow cooker is a lifesaver. I don't do anything complicated and cheat a lot but everything comes out delicious.

For everything, chop an onion and a couple of carrots and put in the bottom.

For beef casserole I add chopped swede, a few chopped up prunes, a Knorr Gravy capsule or an oxo cube. 1 bay leaf, dash of Lea and Perrins, teaspoon of redcurrant jelly and about 1/4 pint of water. Pinch of mustard if I remember. Sometimes mushrooms. Towards the end (to thicken it) I sprinkle some Bisto gravy granules and stir.

For chicken casserole I cheat (because I've discovered it's delicious) and use a Schwartz chicken casserole sachet. I still add a bay leaf and a teaspoon of redcurrant jelly then bung the chicken breasts on top. Sometimes mushrooms and / or chopped apricots. Again to thicken towards the end if required, a sprinkle of Bisto gravy granules.

For chilli, I bung the mince on top of the onion (and carrots if I have any), add an oxo cube or Knorr capsule, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a bay leaf, a few chopped up prunes, some chilli flakes or fresh if I have it, dash of Lea and Perrins then half way through I stir and add a tin of Chilli Beans (kidney beans in chilli sauce).

I also add a teaspoon of linseeds to all my casseroles - they disappear and are good for my insides.

GreenTulips Sat 08-Sep-18 16:57:14

You can prep the night before and put it in the fridge

Methe Sat 08-Sep-18 16:55:52

I saw a thing on Pinterest where they had prepped a load of separate meals and frozen them raw to go in a SC. I’m going to try that this year so would be interested if anyone has any good recipes that would work for that.

MrsGB2225 Sat 08-Sep-18 16:52:44


missyB1 Sat 08-Sep-18 16:50:54

I’m a new slow cooker owner too. So far I have had good success with two recipes.

Mary Berry sweet smoked paprika lamb with borlotti beans.

Jools Oliver sausage and mixed bean casserole.

GreenTulips Sat 08-Sep-18 16:46:56

Pork joint in apple juice add BBQ sauce mustard punch if chilli powder and spoon of brown sugar.

8 hours delicious pulled pork

Look out for seansoned slow cooker packets to add flavour to beef stew lamb stew chicken curry (about 50p)

shadesofwinter Sat 08-Sep-18 16:44:01

I currently have coconut ginger pork in my slow cooker. It smells amazing. Recipe below - my kids (7 and 11) love it, as do DH and I. I'm serving it with rice and green beans...

1 onion peeled and cut into 8 chunks
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1/2 tins coconut milk
2 inch ginger peeled and thinly sliced
3lb boneless pork butt/shoulder roast
1 tsp cumin
4 cloves garlic finely chopped
1 tsp coriander
8 lime wedges (to garnish)

Mix together the coriander, cumin, salt and pepper. Use your fingers to rub the seasonings all over the roast.
Place the meat in a slow cooker and surround with onions, garlic, ginger and the half can of coconut milk.
The roast will give off moisture and fat while cooking, doubling or tripling the amount of broth by the time the roast is ready.
Cover the slow cooker and cook on high for 5 to 6 hours or on low for 8 to 10 hours. Although both cooking temperatures give delicious results, meat cooked on low will be the most tender.

Handy Hint
I used coconut cream because I had bought this mistakenly. For a small joint (1kg) I used the whole carton. I also added the juice of a lime, a chopped red chilli and some chopped coriander

Cantbearsed73 Sat 08-Sep-18 16:40:49

Thanks all. I’m willing to give it another go as I know a lot of people rate them!

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justcontemplatingsomething Sat 08-Sep-18 13:14:39

Take a look at The Organised Mum blog and her slow cooker recipes. My current favourites are meatballs and the lemon chicken.

Wilma55 Sat 08-Sep-18 13:14:35

Gammon joint with low cal ginger beer. Recipe from Eat well for less.

UKcanuck Sat 08-Sep-18 13:12:06

Sorry, nothing to contribute but watching with interest as I find everything I put in my slow cooker comes out tasting kind of the same, and kind of mushy! I realise I am probably not doing it right. Look forward to hearing other people's experiences!

maddiie Sat 08-Sep-18 13:06:52

Bacon & apple pork roast is my slow cooker fave. Pork joint, cut slits into it and put slices of Braeburn apples in those splits. Cover the top of the joint with slices of bacon (either raw or half cooked if you prefer them more crispy) and put more apple slices around the outside. Boil apple juice and brown sugar to make an apple glaze to pour over it afterwards. Leave it cook on low for hours (takes about 7 in mine) Absolutely gorgeous and falls apart in your mouth.

My slow cooker also changed Sunday roasts, literally just plonk a whole chicken in there and cover with herbs and leave on low for 6 hours. 2 mins prep and just so quick and easy.

I tend to make my curries in the slow cooker now too as they are just so tender and really soak the flavour in and that only takes about 5 mins prep and I just use the curry sachets & sauces from Lidl.

Cantbearsed73 Sat 08-Sep-18 12:55:41

I bought a slow cooker last year but the few recipes I tried to do weren’t great. I found the flavours were bland and just a bit blah. People rave about them so please can you share your best recipes please and I will have another go. Thanks !!!

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