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Sage - what do I use it for

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onedayatatime73 Wed 05-Sep-18 15:19:02

I’ve been growing herbs. Used all of them except this plethora of sage. What do I cook it with?

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TeddyIsaHe Wed 05-Sep-18 16:28:51

Sage goes really well with butternut squash - so roasted with it, in a risotto, pureed. I also buy ready made squash ravioli and gently fry sage in better for a few seconds and pour it over the ravioli. Top with parmesan, it's so delicious.

Also v. good with chicken - if you buy thighs skin on and bone in, gently lift the skin away and pop in a couple of sage leaves in each thigh and roast, imparts a lovely flavour. Can also do the same with a whole chicken, it looks lovely too!

If you have tons left over, chop and store in icecube trays topped up with olive oil and then freeze, one in a stew/bolognese etc at the end of cooking really lifts it. Works with all hardy herbs!

delphguelph Wed 05-Sep-18 16:30:36

Was just about to say butternut squash.

Obviously in stuffing too.

GimbleInTheWabe Wed 05-Sep-18 16:50:46

Was also going to say butternut squash risotto, a staple in our household and always enjoyed by guests too!

Also good with things like walnuts I think. You could potentially make a sage and walnut pesto which be good with pasta obvs.

Could also make a sage infused oil. Just chop a load up and infuse with olive oil?

Lovely with pork or made in to a stuffing for chicken roasts.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 05-Sep-18 17:13:38

Sage and onion stuffing
Sage and rosemary chicken stew
Pork and sage

Blondie1984 Wed 05-Sep-18 17:17:20

Chop finely then mix into softened butter - then you can use it for stuffing under the skin of chicken before roasting, adding to the pan when frying calves liver or in saltimbocca

finova Fri 07-Sep-18 19:49:37

Tray bake
Mini potatoes 1/2d in oil for 15- 20 min
Then add:
red onion wedges
Sausages (any bit I like apple ones)
Butternut squash slices
Apple wedges
A drizzle of honey and oil
A few sage leaves

Bake for another 45 minutes to an hour

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