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What can I do with leftover porridge?

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PorridgePhrincess Wed 05-Sep-18 09:07:02

New term healthy habit is to have a pot of porridge on the table every morning for the family.

There is always a little bit left over. I don’t want to cook less, because I want everybody to have as much as they want, but it feels wasteful to be throwing into the bin. Porridge is just not nice as porridge reheated.

Does anybody have any good recipes for using it up? I have in my head some kind of apple cake thing, so that the bloody texture doesn’t spoil it. Or maybe a cookie that can go in a lunchbox.

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PorridgePhrincess Wed 05-Sep-18 09:12:03

Claggy texture. Not bloody texture.

That’d be a creative way of adding protein and an appealing pink colour to the dish grin !!!

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reallybadidea Wed 05-Sep-18 09:13:02

Leftover porridge bread

Or get some chickens to feed it to and turn it into eggs grin

honeysucklejasmine Wed 05-Sep-18 09:13:23

You can bake porridge in to bars. It's a popular baby led weaning trick so you'll find loads of recipes if you Google. 😊

Toofle Wed 05-Sep-18 09:19:40

If you bake bread you can add it to the dough. It's nice.

PorridgePhrincess Wed 05-Sep-18 12:05:11

I tried this - but with walnuts and chocolate chips in vanilla dough. Looks nice to me, though they needed double the stated baking time.

Let’s see what the kids think!

I’ll try the bread tomorrow - don’t have yeast in.

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Rebecca36 Wed 05-Sep-18 12:07:06

I heat up a bit of porridge in the microwave later on and it tastes OK. I put a little milk in it and stir it in. If I don't do that obviously I throw it because you can't keep it forever but you can for a little while. I love porridge!

AdaColeman Wed 05-Sep-18 12:17:06

I think it's OK reheated in the microwave with more milk, later that same day, a second breakfast for you after the school run maybe?

Not tried it, but it would act as a thickener in winter veg soup that you were putting through the blender, or in something slow cooked like ragu or casserole where it would be broken down into the gravy.

PorridgePhrincess Wed 05-Sep-18 14:19:14

My dirty little secret, in truth, is that I utterly hate porridge. (But don’t tell the kids, because I love that they eat it).

I don’t think it would work in sauces, because the oaty ‘lumps’ seem really persistent and never really disolve.

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TubbsAndEdward Wed 05-Sep-18 14:20:36

Once it's set you can fry it in oil.
Sounds disgusting but my dd loved it.

JustAnotherPoster00 Wed 05-Sep-18 14:36:03

The same as you do with it before it becomes left over porridge, bin it, hideous stuff grin

honeysucklejasmine Wed 05-Sep-18 15:40:29

OP do you put anything in it? I make mine with water then stir it in with a mashed banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter. Delicious, creamy, filling.

Nikephorus Wed 05-Sep-18 15:42:38

Leave it out in case Goldilocks wanders by...

mawbroon Wed 05-Sep-18 15:51:35

You need a porridge drawer

keyboardkate Wed 05-Sep-18 16:02:55

I personally don't think it is worth the effort.

The cost of re using it is more than placing in the food bin!

Just make a tiny bit less and see how you get on.

PorridgePhrincess Wed 05-Sep-18 22:15:46

My kids are super fussy - so plain with self-added toppings is the only thing that flies.

I hear you about the effort, cost & hassle of reusing - especially if it’s 5 days a week. But by the same token that’s an awful lot of food to routinely chuck .....

In the same vein: lettuce. People like it, but there’s always a bit of salad left over. The peppers and tomatoes and stuff go into pasta sauce or tray bake - but I’ve no clue what to do with slightly-past-best lettuce.....

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CalonGlas Mon 17-Sep-18 18:06:45

cold porridge is surprisingly palatable dunked in double cream as are most things

PaulMorel Tue 18-Sep-18 11:09:09

Porridge cookies sounds good. Try to check some recipes on the internet. I bet there's a lot.

lynmilne65 Tue 18-Sep-18 11:22:58

Lettuce soup is awesome

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