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Would you use this bacon?

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Chocolateismyvice Wed 05-Sep-18 08:25:59

I bought bacon at the butchers last Friday. Completely forgot to put it in the fridge and I've only just realised. I'm making bacon and tomato risotto for tea but will it still be okay to use? It doesn't smell at all and it still pink (no patches of grey!). DS hates risotto so it's only for me and DP.

Would you still use bacon that been in fridge for nearly a week?

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Chocolateismyvice Wed 05-Sep-18 08:26:53

*Forgot to put it in freezer, not fridge. It has been on the fridge since last Fridqy smile

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PavlovaFaith Wed 05-Sep-18 08:27:37


Yogagirl123 Wed 05-Sep-18 08:29:06

Yes bacon will be fine, use it OP.

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