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What are your best pasta bake recipes?

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SchadenfreudePersonified Wed 05-Sep-18 16:41:11

These look lovely - I'll have to try some myself.

SentToTheSynByn Wed 05-Sep-18 14:54:21

I often make spinach and ricotta lasagne topped with tomato sauce and pine nuts. The spinach needs a good grating of nutmeg and plenty of seasoning.

I also made a lasagne from a recipe I got from MN - basically mix a bottle of passata with a tin of puy lentils and some olive oil. Layer with lasagne sheets and some sliced mozzarella. It was delicious.

Nacreous Wed 05-Sep-18 07:08:53

Sausage and mozzarella:

Vegetable sauce either from a jar with some added onions and peppers. Or homemade: I would usually use onion, carrot, (celery - optional), peppers and courgette (if I have it). Fry onions, carrots and celery (diced) in olive oil til softened. Add mixed herbs or herbs de Provence, and some extra oregano. Add peppers and courgette and fry for a bit til slightly soft. Add black pepper and optional salt (I don’t usually add any) Add tinned tomatoes, optionally red wine, optionally considered crumbling in a chicken stock cube - but then deffo don’t add the salt. That can bubble away for a bit. Add some fresh herbs at the end if you can.

Then either fry or bake some sausages cut up into smallish slices. Drain and chop some mozzarella. Cook some pasta to al dente. Grate some cheddar.

Mix sausages, tomato sauce and pasta. Pour into dish. Poke mozzarella cubes through so they are evenly distributed. Sprinkle cheddar on top. Bake til hot all the way through if you’ve done the parts separately or you can grill til cheese bubbling if all elements went in hot.

We also do one that’s similar but where chicken and pesto replace the sausages.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 05-Sep-18 06:55:58

Mexican style
Greek style
Pulled pork
BBQ chicken
Pesto tuna
Sweet potato spinach and pine nuts
Creamy salmon

Dancer12345 Tue 04-Sep-18 22:22:36

foodiefil That sounds lovely!

foodiefil Tue 04-Sep-18 22:03:11

I love making a mascarpone style sauce with tinned tomatoes and cream cheese (or mascarpone) and basil (pesto stirred in would work) then penne and chicken pieces and all in the dish then scatter over Parmesan or mozzarella. It's lush

magpie24 Tue 04-Sep-18 20:17:03

This one is delicious:

donkeysandzebras Tue 04-Sep-18 20:00:29

Please inspire me with your pasta bake recipes. It's a hit here but, after having it once a week for the past year, I need to introduce some variety!

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