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Carty76 Mon 03-Sep-18 20:14:58

I have cod from the counter in the fridge however just noticed use by date is today. Would I be ok to use tomorrow?!

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pugalugs90 Mon 03-Sep-18 20:25:04

Give it a sniff

Carty76 Mon 03-Sep-18 20:28:05

I’m crap with fish grin. I take it if it doesn’t smell gross to go for it

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pugalugs90 Mon 03-Sep-18 21:58:54

That's my theory to be fair. Fingers crossed it's done me well so far haha

gamerchick Mon 03-Sep-18 22:00:50

Rule of thumb, the more fishy something fishy smells the more going off it is.

So if it smells fishy dont eat it.

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