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Tell me your easy bakes for lunchboxes!

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Mummysharkdoodoodoo Mon 03-Sep-18 11:45:58

Im attempting to use less plastic/waste in our lives and as a way of helping I’m trying to use less wrappers in the kids lunch boxes. Iv bought them some bento boxes and so far they have had flapjacks last week and this week lemon butterfly cakes. On Wednesday I’m using the leftover lemons for a lemon drizzle loaf.

What else can I make? I’m thinking cherry bake wells next week!
Thank you! Xx

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shoofly Mon 03-Sep-18 11:51:35 these are made every week in our house. If I have a leftover black banana it gets frozen until I have 3 to make the recipe. We're currently using butterscotch chips because my sister brought some home from USA but they're great with chocolate chips as well.

Mummysharkdoodoodoo Mon 03-Sep-18 11:57:03

Ohhhh! I’m going going o make those thank you! I have 3 brown bananas, how do I freeze them until the weekend? Just in a bag? Do I peel them? X

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JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Mon 03-Sep-18 12:07:20

Placemarking smile

DunesOfSand Mon 03-Sep-18 12:18:39

Banana muffins, Apple and cinnamon muffins, cherry muffins (leave out the almonds if but free school) tea loaf, flapjack all made here. Muffins freeze rather well, and can be put, frozen, into the lunch box.
What about a chocolate something occasionally? Chocolate chip cookies?

Mummysharkdoodoodoo Mon 03-Sep-18 12:30:44

Chocolate ones welcome too! I’m thinking maybe some sort of tray bake?

Husband has offered to buy me a kitchenaid so I need to prove I’d use it 😂

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shoofly Mon 03-Sep-18 13:27:54

I just stick them in the freezer in their skins. Take them out an hour before you want to use them. The skins will be totally black and when defrosted will just slide off. Honestly they'll look disgusting and the liquid will separate out a bit. But just get the skins off and mash the rest up. They keep really well and are also a good pudding heated with a bit of ice cream and toffee sauce...

shoofly Mon 03-Sep-18 13:33:34

I have a Kenwood, tbh I only really use it for big cakes, buttercream and cookie dough
These are really good and worth getting the mixer out for. If you open freeze half the cookie dough (scooped out onto baking paper with an ice cream scoop) - then tip them into a freezer bag. You can bake them from frozen, just add a few minutes to the time.

DunesOfSand Mon 03-Sep-18 17:41:52

chocolate drop cake is easy peasy.

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