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Housequeen101 Sun 02-Sep-18 22:54:49

This isn’t my first baby but with my eldest we only used jars, this time round I want to home cook.

Baby is 7months old with a severe dairy allergy and is fussy with new foods, if she had her way she’d only eat puréed foods.

Breakfasts are fine, she’ll have porridge with strawberry and plums, dinners are puréed potato’s with veg and flakes of fish or chicken ect I just don’t know what to do for lunch, minds gone blank. Want some ideas for lunch’s at home and on the go, can anyone help? She nearly chocked on a cucumber stick a few weeks ago and it’s made me so nervous of trying new foods.

Any recipes or ideas?

Thank you 😊

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Cleo2628 Sun 02-Sep-18 22:57:31

Omelette, pitta fingers with hummus & veg sticks, little toast slices with avocado, pasta, pinwheels (look on Pinterest), wrap roll ups.
My 10mo is also CMPA so I use oatly milk & violfe cheese. smile

Housequeen101 Sun 02-Sep-18 23:02:10

Hi Cleo, do you toast the pitta? Veg fingers like carrots? If so (silly question I know!) how are you cooking them? Her allergy consultant said to cook them so that they’re hard enough to hold but turn to mush in her mouth, I can’t do it, tried 3 times and that consistency is impossible for me. Will check pin trest thanks.

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TeddyIsaHe Sun 02-Sep-18 23:06:08

Did she choke or just gag? Choking is entirely silent, gagging is loud and horrible! Lots of babies gag when they're trying solid foods for the first time. Its always good to do a baby first aid course anyway, but it teaches you what to do in the event of choking, so although it is still terrifying, you know what to do.

If she has a severe allergy she already has limited foods she can eat, so sticking to purees will make you feel safer, but its better for babs in the long run to get cracking with 'proper' food.

Omelettes are great because they're soft and you can stick tons of stuff in them, risotto for the same reason. Easily made dairy free. Eggy bread was always a winner for dd when she was little. Soup with toast fingers to dip into were messy but well loved. Little sandwiches. Lentil dahl, mild curries made with coconut milk to make them sweet, dd was obsessed with udon noodles - they're the perfect size for little hands and very soft. Veg steamed till they easily chewed etc. Have fun with it!

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