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Walnuts with bitter skins

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PorridgeIsYummy Sun 02-Sep-18 09:18:06


At home we are moving towards a minimum meat diet. To get more protein, I bought an absolute ton of nuts and seeds the other day. One of the things I got was a 1 kg bag of walnuts; which I was really looking forward to eating (I adore nuts). Well. They have really bitter skins! I've put some in the oven to release the walnutty flavour, hoping that would take away some of the bitterness, but it hasn't.

What can I do with them? Could I blanch them, maybe? I've blanched almonds before to get rid of the skin and it was really easy, but I imagine it's much, much harder with walnuts. Any ideas?

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Deathraystare Tue 04-Sep-18 12:21:42

Hmm. Not sure but pickled walnuts are ace apparently in a beef casserole so maybe try with meat? Maybe with pork or other fatty meat.

Mondrian Sat 22-Sep-18 17:45:18

Perhaps a bit late but ..... for future ref if the walnuts are a bit shrivelled and skin is dark then they are old, hence the bitter taste. Try soaking them in water overnight or more - that will take some of the bitterness away. Haven't tried blanching but sounds like an idea worth trying (can always try a small qty).

PorridgeIsYummy Sun 23-Sep-18 11:24:52

Hi thanks for this. It's such a huge bag of walnuts and they're really quite inedible. But the thought of peeling them all! I hate throwing food away, but I might have todo just that.

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Mondrian Mon 24-Sep-18 14:32:40

I have tried a middle eastern chicken/pomegranate/walnut stew that tasted amazing, I’d imagine yours would be perfect for cooking too.

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