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Grumpbum123 Fri 31-Aug-18 21:40:52

What’s your favourite soup recipe? The one that everyone goes back for seconds?
I need some new ones to try!
Thanks in advance

Mum2jenny Fri 31-Aug-18 21:45:12

Chuck all spare veg in a pan and sauté in olive oil or butter. Once soft, add stock - can be homemade or a cube dissolved in water. Blitz after 30 minutes, then season to taste. Job done, although specialist soups are an option if you want.

Tisfortired Fri 31-Aug-18 21:46:32

My favourite is the ' Nanna's magic soup' recipe from the Tesco love stories, don't be put off by the coconut! It's so delicious!

Otherwise you can't beat a good leek and potato.

Grumpbum123 Fri 31-Aug-18 21:53:27

I like BNS with ginger and chilli but need to branch out!

bananasandwicheseveryday Fri 31-Aug-18 21:54:37

2 cartons of plain passata
1 tin chopped tomatoes
300ml skimmed milk
1/2 tube tomato puree
1 tsp sugar
1 vegetable stock pot
I do mine in the soupmaker , but can be cooked in a saucepan - heat gently, as soon as it boils, reduce heat and simmer for ten minutes. Use a stick blender to make it smooth. Season to taste. Stir in half a small pot of double cream at the end of cooking time. Very easy and absolutely delicious.

PlainVanilla Tue 04-Sep-18 08:11:00

Another vote for leek and potato.
I also love cream of garlic soup (especially if I can get smoked garlic). Reminds me of skiing lunches.
Sweat onion and lots of finely chopped garlic in butter, but do not colour, add white wine, stock and some diced potato (to thicken), simmer gently until everything is cooked, then liquidise. Needs to be really smooth and creamy. Serve with a generous sprinkle of chopped green herbs.
I guarantee you will not reek of garlic or have bad breath, I have even served this to a garlic hater, who loved it!

TheDropBear Tue 04-Sep-18 18:30:15

This is lovely

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