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I've got tons of strawberries, what shall I do with them?

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maxelly Thu 30-Aug-18 17:43:13

Yup they will be ok frozen but the texture of frozen berries tends to be a bit off once defrosted. But you can always use them in a recipe where they'll be puree'd or cooked anyway, like a strawberry cheesecake, a smoothie or puree to be stirred into yoghurt or on top of a cake?

Sunshine365 Thu 30-Aug-18 11:46:34

Freeze them. They might be a bit mushy when they’re defrosted, but they’ll still be perfect for smoothies.

Ricekrispie22 Thu 30-Aug-18 11:41:53

Strawberry ice cream
Strawberry and almond crumble

PorridgeIsYummy Thu 30-Aug-18 08:21:19

Yesterday I bought two large punnets of strawberries and when I get home, saw my husband had bought another. They won't keep as they are just right to eat today, but there's no way we can go through so many. What shall I do with them! I don't fancy making jam. Can I freeze them, maybe?

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