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Tips needed for pork steaks!

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runner2 Wed 29-Aug-18 15:02:31

Teenaged DS is a bit picky with his food and I'm always trying to think of different things for him to try. While away on holiday he really enjoyed a pork steak, having never had it before, and it was beautifully tender and full of flavour - I don't know how it was cooked but I think it might have been marinaded with mustard....? Can anyone advise how this was probably cooked and how I might replicate the method at home? I haven't cooked pork steaks for years as they always seemed very dry...

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MrsJayy Wed 29-Aug-18 15:05:18

I just cook mine in a frying pan with butter onions and mushrooms i cook it quite fast and let it sit before I serve it and it isn't dry at all

MrsChollySawcutt Wed 29-Aug-18 15:05:36

I usually just smear a little whole grain mustard over the steak and then grill.

Rikalaily Wed 29-Aug-18 15:07:23

We had these last night, I cooked them in onion gravy and added apple sauce at the end.

MrsJayy Wed 29-Aug-18 15:08:06

I stand it on its side to render the fat which is the best bit imo

MrsJayy Wed 29-Aug-18 15:09:25

I sometimes make an onion bechimal sauce to go over the top

runner2 Wed 29-Aug-18 15:11:15

How long do I cook them for?

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MrsJayy Wed 29-Aug-18 15:12:10

Depend how thick they are maybe 5ish minutes a side

MrsJayy Wed 29-Aug-18 15:13:23

I cook them by sight so as soon as there is no pink in the they are cooked

runner2 Wed 29-Aug-18 15:19:16

Loin or shoulder steaks? (Sorry!)

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4merlyknownasSHD Wed 29-Aug-18 15:44:14

We often do the in the oven. A thin layer of sliced onion in the bottom of the (small) roasting dish, then half a tin of tomatoes. Lay the pork steaks on top, then por over the rest of the tomatoes and then sprinkle with chopped olives and/or gherkins or capers. Cover with tin foil and put in a warm oven for 30-40 minutes. They won't be tough. You can always vary it, but the onions, tomatoes and tin foil ensure that they will be moist.

AnnieKenney Wed 29-Aug-18 15:56:26

Marinade them first if frying / grilling. My go-to marinade for two steaks (or chops) is:

2tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 minced cloves garlic
1-2 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1 heaped tsp dijon mustard

Whisk all ingredients together and marinade for 1-24 hours. Remove steaks to fry / grill (depends on thickness - c. 7 mins per side on medium for 1 inch chops, slightly less for thinner steaks). Wrap them in foil after and let rest for 5 mins while you do the sauce. - it will make the meat less dry. When you unwrap them, add any meat juices to the sauce just before serving. You can boil up the leftover marinade for a sauce - add a little chicken stock (200 ml?) Make sure it boils for 5 mins to kill off any bacteria from having had raw meat sat in it.

Pantah630 Wed 29-Aug-18 17:09:18

A little olive oil, freshly ground black pepper and some sea salt on both sides and fry in a griddle pan, frying pan if you haven't one, for approximately 5 minutes per side. If you've any dried oregano add a sprinkle of this with the seasoning. Yes to rendering the fatty edge too.

welshmist Wed 29-Aug-18 17:15:57

Cut off the fat, then pan fry on each side for a short time. Mix together mustard and honey, smear on put in a baking pan with a little water and put in the oven on 180c for fifteen minutes or so until just browning.

cdtaylornats Wed 29-Aug-18 21:24:55

runner2 Thu 30-Aug-18 18:56:46

Thanks everyone smile

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Bluesheep8 Fri 31-Aug-18 08:14:23

Or make schnitzels? Beat them to flatten then dip in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fry til crispy. Delicious.

kateandme Fri 31-Aug-18 13:15:37

boil in chicken stock.amazingly tender.
cooked in a dish with leeks and carrot and a knorr chicken tonight honey and mustard sauce or the French one.make a great dish with rice or pasta.
make a tray bake with sliced potatos or wedges mixed veggies and onions all in the oven.
great in a pie with cider and mustard sauce.

Handbaghag Fri 31-Aug-18 13:17:01

Lemon juice in any marinade opens up the fibres in the meat. Recommended if you want it nice and tender

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