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Cheap sweet ideas without an oven

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Duggee4ever Tue 28-Aug-18 09:06:42

Trying to cut down on our outgoings just now so want to make our own tasty sweet things. I'd prefer not too chocolatey, and everything I can think of is chocolate based. The oven where we are staying is awful, so really think traybakes are the way to go. We also don't have a freezer or much fridge space.
Bonus points if they are even slightly healthy

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KingIrving Tue 28-Aug-18 11:15:43

No bakeCheesecake?
Shop bought pavlova and you fill it with cream and exotic fruit

GreenTulips Tue 28-Aug-18 11:19:42

Cheese cake
Fruit sponge

Shampaincharly Tue 28-Aug-18 11:20:52


Seeline Tue 28-Aug-18 11:21:05

These chewy microwaveable flapjacks are brilliant. really quick, throw in what you like and always disappear in seconds.

Seeline Tue 28-Aug-18 11:21:54

Jam/syrup sponge in the microwave works well too.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Tue 28-Aug-18 11:22:17

Microwave mug cakes

user1457017537 Tue 28-Aug-18 11:24:26

Eton Mess! Strawberries, meringue, and thick cream. Cut up strawberries, crumble shop bough meringue and mix with cream

MyRelationshipIsWeird Tue 28-Aug-18 11:27:10

I made some rice crispie cakes from an Annabelle Carmel lunchbox ideas books, which were made with white chocolate and had dried fruit and nuts in them. They were lush and luckily my kids didn’t like them so I got to eat them all grin. I’ve thrown the book away now but I’m sure there are lots of crispy cake recipes (could be made in a tray and chopped into bars) online that aren’t brown chocolate, like Marshmallow squares etc. I also remember a recipe which was crushed digestives mixed with peanut butter to make a base, then chocolate on top but you could miss the chocolate and maybe add fruit and nuts into it instead?

DrMadelineMaxwell Tue 28-Aug-18 11:28:11


DunesOfSand Tue 28-Aug-18 11:48:31

Pancakes (French style and American style)
Ricekrispie cakes made with melted marshmallows, and dried fruit stired in.
Fruit crumbles are fairly forgiving on oven temperature.
Ripe bananas fried in butter and brown sugar
Jelly (with tinned fruit)
Angel delight like stuff

Maybugger Tue 28-Aug-18 11:59:31

Microwave sponge pud, fruit/jam/golden syrup, made individual ones in cups or mugs or one bigger one in bowl. Serve with custard or ice cream.

Duggee4ever Tue 28-Aug-18 13:21:46

Thanks, I was having a total mental block, knew there were things I could do.

Microwave flapjacks sound perfect, as do Krispy cakes etc

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TheDropBear Tue 28-Aug-18 16:59:22

Welsh cakes

Duggee4ever Tue 28-Aug-18 17:51:08

Welsh cakes might be a bit beyond my skill level!

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ILiveInSalemsLot Tue 28-Aug-18 17:54:24

There are lots of recipes around for slow cooker cakes. I’ve yet to try one though.

AsAProfessionalFekko Tue 28-Aug-18 17:54:27

Oh yes - microwave sponge cake or squidgy cookies are lovely.

Duggee4ever Tue 28-Aug-18 18:11:09

Ooh, we have a slow cooker

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bookbook Tue 28-Aug-18 18:17:48

pan fried caramelised bananas
No cook chia seed jam - it makes a very soft set jam with almost any fruit
Griddle cakes /pancakes

KateMcD451 Tue 28-Aug-18 18:20:02

Eton Mess, you can even buy the meringue nests, so so good!

TyneTeas Tue 28-Aug-18 18:23:20

This slow cooker cake is amazing

LunaMay Tue 28-Aug-18 18:23:43

Coconut ice. Jelly slice. Cakes/rice puddings in the slow cooker. Do you have a deep fryer, we just made homemade Kitchener buns sooo good but definitely not healthy grin

TyneTeas Tue 28-Aug-18 18:24:01

Ah sorry, just reread and you said not chocolate blush

ifigoup Tue 28-Aug-18 18:28:07

Peppermint creams (which you can coat in chocolate but don’t have to).

Frozen chic chip cookie dough (i.e. make it exactly as you would if you were going to bake it, but then roll in a log in clingfilm and freeze. Cut yourself off a circle to eat when you feel the need). I’m fine with eating raw eggs, but if you’re not, there are plenty of eggless recipes.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 28-Aug-18 18:29:02

Angel delight!

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