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We’ve ordered an Instant Pot

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CruCru Sun 26-Aug-18 19:11:09

Do you have one? What do you like to make in it?

I used to have a slow cooker, which was great for making stock and mulling wine.

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CoperCabana Sun 26-Aug-18 19:15:36

Bolognese, chilli, curry, stew. All the things I made in my the slow cooker. But not slow! smile

MeetOnTheLedge Sun 26-Aug-18 19:15:56

It's great for stock, never tried mulled wine, the slow cooker settings are a bit hotter than a normal slow cooker though. I would start it off on simmer then switch to keep warm.

I cook whole chickens, gammon, things like chilli, steam potatoes. Not only is it fast, it can be left unattended which is really handy, it keeps everything hot till you get back

MsHomeSlice Sun 26-Aug-18 19:17:39

i really want the mini one, it's not yet available over here, but it will be IDEAL for me and dh.

I love the one I do have though!

BrutusMcDogface Sun 26-Aug-18 19:20:37

Oooh. This could be an idea for us! I always run out of time to cook (new baby and hungry other kids) would people recommend?

AmazingGrace16 Sun 26-Aug-18 19:20:47

Oh you'll love it!

littleducks Sun 26-Aug-18 19:30:23

I have one. It took me a while to open box and try it, it's very different cooking times etc and getting used to it. Watched lots of YouTube videos.

So far have made rice pudding, pilau rice, chicken stock and soup.

Also used steaming function for dim sum.

Moogdroog Sun 26-Aug-18 19:50:09

I love my Instant Pot. I make loads of things in it, but the main lifesaver is risotto. Fabulous risotto, super fast, with none of the stirring.

EnterFunnyNameHere Sun 26-Aug-18 20:16:17

@moogdroog what basic recipe do you use for risotto if you don't mind me asking?

We do a few ribs / pulled pork type things but I'd like to branch out a bit.

We also make our own yoghurt, strain it and use the whey to make bread!!

DDIJ Sun 26-Aug-18 20:19:27

I want the mini one too!

CoperCabana Sun 26-Aug-18 20:30:02

Oh god, yes risotto. How could I forget.

Sauté chorizo.
Sauté Risotto rice.
Add liquid.
Add frozen butternut squash, onions, spinach.
Manual 6-7 minutes.

Moogdroog Sun 26-Aug-18 20:31:29

@EnterFunnyNameHere - from memory (on hols atm)...

Put it on saute, slug of olive oil, thinly sliced leek, cook for a couple of mins. Add a couple of cloves of smashed garlic, 3 cups of arborio rice, 1.1 L of stock (you could do a bit of wine in there too), then on Manual High for 5 mins. Quick release. You can add whatever and chuck the lid back on for a couple of mins (we typically do peas/lemon zest/parmesan).

Enervator Sun 26-Aug-18 20:45:09

This is on my wish list. We have sooo many allergies and intolerances that I have lost my cooking mojo, and rather hope this will help. Quick lactose free risotto. Perfect.

PavlovaFaith Sun 26-Aug-18 20:46:22

What is this wizardry?? I have never heard of an instant pot!

EnterFunnyNameHere Sun 26-Aug-18 21:29:30

Amazing, thanks *@moogdroog*!

I'll have a bash next week!

BrutusMcDogface Sun 26-Aug-18 21:34:00

Homemade from scratch risotto in 6 minutes?! Wizardry indeed! <off to google>

FreeButtonBee Sun 26-Aug-18 21:40:12

I have just ordered one after reading the autumn recipe thread. My mum has one and it looks pretty simple to use.

SwaylorTift Sun 26-Aug-18 21:46:01

Ooh yes to instant pot risotto being wizardry. It's the no stirring bit I especially love.

goodgirls Sun 26-Aug-18 21:46:45

I love mine so much. I can make a beef or lamb stew in 30 mins that tastes like it was in an oven for hours and hours.
We make stews and soups and risotto and stock and pasta sauce and rice pudding and all kinds of stuff.

TheFifthKey Sun 26-Aug-18 21:49:41

I’m so pleased it’s getting cooler so I can use mine more often - it’s so suited to autumn/winter food.

Today I put pies in the oven and did my mash and carrots in it - peeled spuds, chopped in half, with a bit of water in the bottom. Then whole carrots sling on the trivet on top and all cooked for 15 mins. Potatoes practically mash themselves and so smooth and easy, and the carrots were nice and soft for the DC (how they like them). What I like is, no fuss, no watching pota for boiling over, when it’s all cooked it just sits there nice and warm until you’re ready to come to it. Takes so much stress out of the picture.

TheFifthKey Sun 26-Aug-18 21:50:48

And do your Bolognese in there for 20 mins and you’d swear it’d been simmering for hours. So good!

HashTagLil Sun 26-Aug-18 21:54:52

I love mine. Check out the Facebook groups for it and also This Old Gal Facebook group for recipe ideas.

FrayedHem Sun 26-Aug-18 21:58:59

I have one. I had so many fails it only really gets used to cook frozen chicken mow. I do love the little lid on and off tune.

MawkishTwaddle Sun 26-Aug-18 22:04:04

I absolutely love mine. I use it to make perfect beef for the Sunday roast, bolognese, chilli, chicken and chorizo stew, to steam potatoes before roasting, to make New York cheesecake, risotto, soup, rice pudding in's brilliant.

WinterHasRuinedMyFace Sun 26-Aug-18 22:04:29

Love mine, use it for chilli (with beef chunks, not mince), pulled pork, risotto, quinoa (perfect every time), and I make yoghurt which is really, really nice. Always always cock up veg/potatoes in it though.

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