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Has anyone tried Nadiya's not-prawn toast?

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Pinkkahori Sat 25-Aug-18 15:05:36

Was it nice?
Dd is allergic to prawns but always liked the look of prawn toast so I'm thinking of trying it.

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AldiAisleOfTat Sat 25-Aug-18 15:06:34

Nope but watching!

Pinkkahori Sat 25-Aug-18 17:01:43

I'm going to try it this evening. Had to go to two supermarkets to get sesame seeds so it better be worth it!

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mightbemarkedforever Sat 25-Aug-18 17:02:55

I feel like it could be under seasoned but going to give it a go
Don't like coriander seeds. Didn't know they were in normal prawn on toast!

Pinkkahori Sat 25-Aug-18 17:10:23

I'm going to add some scallions instead of coriander because of fussy children. And I'm considering a little garlic and ginger.

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Brandnewstart Sat 25-Aug-18 17:12:36

I used to work in a Thai restaurant and they served this. Had garlic and chilli added to it and a green herb but can’t remeber what that was.

Pinkkahori Sat 25-Aug-18 22:31:03

I tried the recipe. It worked really well. I added some ginger, garlic and scallions. Really delicious. I'd definitely make them again and try some with coriander.

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mightbemarkedforever Sun 26-Aug-18 06:44:24

I'll make it today, thank you for coming back with feedback!! Any photos of it ? 😬

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