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Quick easy and cheap food with newborn

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MaverickSnoopy Sat 25-Aug-18 10:37:14

I'm after some quick dinner ideas - the sort where DH or I can just chuck stuff in the oven/on hob with minimal prep. Have 2 children already so looking for child friendly simple things - one is somewhat fussy but improving.

I'm on the case with batch cooking, have made about 5 or 6 meals and plan to make another 10 or so. With all of the other things in the freezer I probably won't be able to fit in more than that though.

I've found previously that we do use the batch cooking but tend to get a bit bored of the lack of variety, hence after east budget friend quick cook things...?

I've got as far as pasta with sauce!

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 25-Aug-18 10:49:43

Carbonara is one of my quick favourites. How about jacket potatoes too? Not very inspiring but easy, cheap and filling smile

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 25-Aug-18 13:56:14

Sainsburys do a really handy bag of frozen roasted Mediterranean veg. Perfect for dumping in a fritata (just pour the eggs into oven proof dish, and put in oven, add grated cheese when about 10 mins left to go).
Also good for puff pastry tart with the veg and cheese.
Pasta with smoked salmon, creams cheese and peas
Chicken tray bake with chicken thighs, peppers, red onion
, mushrooms, new potatoes and chorizo.
Tuna pasta bake
Cajun chicken skewers

MaverickSnoopy Sat 25-Aug-18 14:44:00

Good ideas. I actually do jackets, fritata, tray bake and pasta bake quite a bit. Not sure why my brain is not working and enabling me to think of these things!

Have started making a list - thanks.

I usually meal plan to within an inch of my life but with a newborn I'd rather a list of what's batch cooked and a list of "easy" dishes (eg the above) that we can stock and put together quickly and then cross off the list as we go. Generally I like to not meal plan for a good 2 months post birth as it frees up a bit of much needed time and one less thing to worry about!

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Ricekrispie22 Sat 25-Aug-18 18:15:03

Maybe favourite meals which take 15 minutes or less:
Fried rice
5 minute spicy prawn noodles It serves two but I usually double it. I also use frozen prawns as they're cheaper. You can also use them in this:
Gnocchi (quicker to cook than pasta)
Couscous is really cheap and quick to prepare
Pitta pizzas

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