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Bosh recipe book

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QuantumPixies Fri 24-Aug-18 11:37:48

Does anyone have this? My colleague has been raving about it and I’m tempted to add it to an amazon order.

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alongwayfromharrogate Fri 31-Aug-18 09:18:47

Yes! I cook a lot from this - the carbonara is fantastic and has won over even my aubergine-hating DH. The paella is really good and the tofu recipes are great. I also use their chilli recipe for spices and other ingredients although I do still use Quorn mince for it.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 31-Aug-18 13:13:04

Got it but not made anything from it yet. I fancy the paella and the sesame tofu, amongst other things.

geewaf Sat 01-Sep-18 08:04:24

This book is great. I bought recently and have started on the quick eats section. Simple dinners which the whole family like.

Igletpiglet Mon 03-Sep-18 07:48:52

Yeh I love it too.
Watch their YouTube videos first to see if you like their stuff

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