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Ideas for healthy, filling snacks for kids to take to school

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foodiemama26 Wed 29-Aug-18 13:21:14

slices of baked omelette, puff pastry pinwheels filled with pesto or cheese and sundried tomatoes, oat bakes (mashed banana, oats, egg + flavouring eg rasberries), flapjacks, egg muffins or greek yogurt with fruit.

Ricekrispie22 Fri 24-Aug-18 13:15:21

I make these in muffin tins as it suggests. They keep for a few days and can also be frozen.

Cherry bliss balls. They're quite fun to make actually!

Sugar free flapjacks without any stupidly expensive or fancy ingredients! I add extras such as chopped dried apricots, dried cranberries, sultanas, dried apple pieces etc.,.

You can also make smoothies Put them into small plastic bottles, freeze and then get one out each night to defrost in the fridge ready for the morning. Don't fill them up to the top though because they'll split the bottle when they freeze and your DD won't spill it if she's drinking it on the way to school (she might need a straw!).

MiMr Fri 24-Aug-18 12:18:14

How about;

Cucumber/ Pepper/ Carrot/ Bread sticks with hummus


Cheese & crackers


Fruit salad

Also, these peanut butter protein balls. They are SO tasty!

Although you might not be aloud them in the school because of the peanut allergy's, but I'm sure you could substitute the peanut butter with something else.. maybe normal butter?

ifiwasabutterfly Fri 24-Aug-18 10:41:14


Just looking for recipes for healthy, filling snacks I can make.

DD is veggie and bad at eating breakfast so I like to give her things to eat on her way to school or at breaktime.

Thank you

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