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Microwave Poached Eggs

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JoshMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 22-Aug-18 13:05:25


We recently tried doing poached eggs in the microwave... It actually works and tastes good!

Here is the video if you want to try - feel free to report back:

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serbska Tue 28-Aug-18 22:35:40

That does not look good!!! It’s all flat and the yolk is over cooked.

Poached eggs is not a dark art, no need to muck about IMO.

Boil a pan of water. Turn the heat right down so bubbling doesn’t break up the eggs. and tip in fresh eggs. I usually crack into a little bowl first for ease. Put a lid on the pan.

Don’t bother doing a vortex. Don’t bother with vinegar.

After 2 mins exactly use a slotted spoon to remove and you will have perfect poached eggs with runny yolks.

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