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Mermaid scales?!!

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applespearsbears Sun 19-Aug-18 23:46:53

That's lovely!

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ImogenTubbs Sun 19-Aug-18 18:51:49

Thank you!

Moonflower12 Sun 19-Aug-18 16:27:55

That's lovely. I'd be proud if I'd made it.

ImogenTubbs Sun 19-Aug-18 16:21:48

I kept the scales in the fridge until I was ready to put them on. This is my first ever 'fancy' cake. I have always paid someone else to make them before, so I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out although it's not professional standard.

ImogenTubbs Sun 19-Aug-18 16:19:52

I have literally just made a mermaid cake today. I rolled out ready made fondant icing and cut into circles with a cookie cutter. Then I made some sugar glue just melting sugar in a little hot water and used a paintbrush to put it on the back of the scales and stick them onto the iced cake (also rolled fondant icing). It seems to be working so far though I'm hoping they don't ping off when they're dry. Here's the finished item...

applespearsbears Sun 19-Aug-18 15:48:55

Thank you everyone smile

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pengymum Sun 19-Aug-18 15:32:24

Not a baker but can you get that clear plastic sheet that’s used for chocolate work. Get exactly the size of the cake & place the scales on that then wrap it round the cake?
That will stop the front being marked and be easier to make sure it’s even.
Just a thought. 😃

pollysproggle Sun 19-Aug-18 15:24:53

Oh and... just had a look at the pic again. Start the scales on the top of the cake and then do the sides.

pollysproggle Sun 19-Aug-18 15:23:09

I don't think that's too difficult at all.
All you need is fondant and a small circle cutter.
To make it easier buy your fondant already coloured, roll out and cut lots of circles, they'll dry slightly as they go.
It's an easy design with a little bit of over lapping.
Cover your cake in buttercream and smooth off. They should stick to the buttercream to start with then use a clean brush and a bit of water to stick them to each other.

I personally wouldn't use rice paper as it's not nice to eat.

Good luck and send us a picture of the finished cake!

applespearsbears Sun 19-Aug-18 15:07:48

Thanks! How would I stick the rice paper on, buttercream as well?

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AjasLipstick Sun 19-Aug-18 14:58:44

Well that's fondant icing OP....they've been cut out individually and stuck on, probably on top of a softer icing like buttercream.

If you're not experienced though I really wouldn't recommend this unless you've time and money to make a trial effort.

It will be very tricky to get the scales in the exact positions that they need to be in to look that nice.

I think rice paper might be easier because it won't be as hard to handle...lots of pieces like this in icing would be hard to manage and the more you touch them, the more risk of finger prints or of warming the scales up and misshaping them.

applespearsbears Sun 19-Aug-18 13:01:56

I'd like to make a cake with mermaid scales, I'll try to post an image. Can anyone suggest if rice paper or icing would be best? And how do you stick it on?
Thank you

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