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Does this sound OK to feed guests?

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TodoDoingDone Sat 18-Aug-18 18:30:54

I used to cook, then I had DC and just feed them basic stuff (basic pasta and sauce, salad etc ) . But got some friends coming over to dinner next week. Do you think this is ok:
First:Gazpacho with trimmings
Second : puff pastry with onions, feta and olives, with a puy lentil and rocket salad.
Dessert:???any easy ideas???
We are mostly vegetarian family as is one of the guests.
All ideas/suggestions/feedback welcome. Thanks!

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FiveGoMadInDorset Sat 18-Aug-18 18:34:47

Eton mess for dessert?

delilahbucket Sat 18-Aug-18 18:34:52

Sounds good. Chocolate mousse is really easy and quick to make if you have some individual serving pots and serve with raspberries on top.

FiveGoMadInDorset Sat 18-Aug-18 18:35:07

Rest of it sounds lovely

TodoDoingDone Sat 18-Aug-18 18:42:52

Thanks for the ideas. I've never made Eton mess or chocolate mousse so will see what the easiest recipe I can find. We used to have individual serving bowls but think DC have broken most of them.gooa excuse to get some new ones. Glad you think the rest sounds OK. Thank you!

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FiveGoMadInDorset Sat 18-Aug-18 18:44:00

Eton mess, whip some cream, crumble up some supermarket meringues cases, chop some strawberries and mix together into a mess

IStillDrinkCava Sat 18-Aug-18 21:58:59

sounds lovely.

If you don't mind not really cooking then strawberries, one of those boxes of chocolate brownie bites from the bakery section of a supermarket, and some decent ice cream. Or make some shortbread and serve with nice icecream and a sauce made of whizzed up raspberries and a teaspoon of icing sugar (I sieve it, but you don't have to).

foodiemama26 Sun 19-Aug-18 06:03:26

All sounds delicious! You could do a lemon syllabub with posh biscuits (Sainsburys do some excellent almond thins). To be honest when we have friends over for a meal I’ve started putting out a box of naice chocolates and a couple of types of interesting biscuits and always goes down well with coffee or buckets of Amaretto!

OldGreyBoots Sun 19-Aug-18 15:40:40

Out of interest, what do you mean by gazpacho with trimmings? It all sounds lovely though.

AdaColeman Sun 19-Aug-18 15:52:23

Fresh fruit fool with strawberries or raspberries is a nice change from Eton mess and can be very easy. Mash up the fruit roughly, get a large pot of readymade custard, stir some cream into it if you like, combine the fruit and the custard briefly, serve in small glasses (I save Nutella jars for this type of pudding) with some little biscuits like shortbread or thins if you have them.

TodoDoingDone Sun 19-Aug-18 17:40:58

Thanks for all the other ideas. smile

Gazpacho with trimmings is a bit misleading. I make salmorejo rather than gazpacho, and then serve it with boiled eggs, bread and some cucumber that people an add into their bowls. Salmorejo is a bit thicker than gazpacho. I do my own version of this

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SlippyPavements Mon 20-Aug-18 02:29:41

Lots of pudding ideas on this thread:
What are your best quick or zero effort puddings?

BamboofordinnerAgain Tue 21-Aug-18 09:18:25

If you are making salmorejo it doesn’t matter what else you cook. Your guests will love you forever. My cop out dessert is Cranachan, basically raspberries with cream and some optional booze.

pengymum Tue 21-Aug-18 09:40:29

Nutella mousse with raspberries! Basically Nutella - I zap it in microwave so it’s bit runny, not too much just barely warm. Mix about 1/2 jar into 1 pint whipped cream, taste to check if enough Nutella! Most important! 😜 Resist eating the lot!
Then spoon into decorative glasses putting some fresh or frozen raspberries at bottom and/or on top. A little crushed flake sprinkled over top.

Could also crush meringues and mix with raspberries to have Nutella Eton mess or spoon onto meringue base & scatter raspberries & choc to make Choc hazelnut Pavlova!

pengymum Tue 21-Aug-18 09:41:47

Just thought could also pour into pastry case & top with raspberries to make Choc hazelnut cream pie!

LemonysSnicket Tue 21-Aug-18 09:47:03

I'd throw some sweet potato wedges in with the main or something in case you have some bigger eaters

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