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Recipes with no onions

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scrappydappydoo Thu 16-Aug-18 17:26:09

I'm not a confident cook ( massive understatement) if I follow a recipe I have to follow it to the letter as I don't have enough skills, knowledge or confidence to adapt it. So here's the problem - my DD hates onions - she doesn't like the texture and can spot a finely diced tiny onion at 100 paces. I'd love to make all these amazing stews, sauces and recipes but loads contain onion. Can I just leave it out or what's a good taste substitute that hasn't got the texture - celery is a no go. I don't want to waste food by experimenting.
And before anyone says just serve her onion - well I do but she doesn't enjoy the food and although has got past the tantrums and whining stage she is clearly not happy and I want her to have a healthy relationship with food as she enters the teenage years and besides I wouldn't like to be forced to eat something I don't like.
TL;DR - can I just leave onions out of recipes?

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TheCrowFromBelow Thu 16-Aug-18 17:34:29

You can leave them out, it will take away some flavour.
You could try adding some marigold bouillon powder (like s stock cube but in a tub).
DS doesn’t like bits of onion If I haven’t cooked them to mush - so at least 10-15 minutes on a low heat, hoe long are you cooking them for?
Also I have found that if I purée the onion it works well in ragus and curries, Purée in an electric chopper, with a bit of water, and fry on a low heat.
I found Delia Smith great for cooking technique when I was staring to cook. Her complete cookery course was very helpful.

MartyMcFly1984 Thu 16-Aug-18 17:50:21

Just don't add onions. I don't suggest onion rings, but most other stuff would survive.
I miss out alsorts when my cupboards let me down

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Thu 16-Aug-18 17:57:00

Would she eat leeks?

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 16-Aug-18 18:36:24

I would echo previous poster suggestion to blitz onion. If you slowly brown them and then blitz to a paste you could add them to dishes with sauces without the texture.
Onion is used so much because it does enhance flavour. So if you need to replace it look for other strong flavours like garlic or chilli, red wine, balsamic vinegar, herbs and spices. It does depend on the recipe though, I don’t think there is a straight swap.

sexnotgender Thu 16-Aug-18 18:37:39

I had pork and Parmesan meatballs for dinner with marinara sauce and not an onion in sight!

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 16-Aug-18 18:38:42

You could also look at low Fodmap recipes as they tend to avoid onion. There are a collection of them on the bbc good food website.

DieAntword Thu 16-Aug-18 18:50:49

I hate onions but I can handle the taste among the others in vegetable stock cubes. I use a vegetable stock cube to sub for them if they’re vital for flavour. If they’re necessary as a thickening agent I use red lentils as the sub.

FawnDrench Thu 16-Aug-18 18:57:59

Use onion powder or onion salt or onion granules instead?

Thisisouting Thu 16-Aug-18 19:01:27

Just leave them out I'm low FODMAP don't miss them or as others saud blend them MIL law does this for fussy relative

tryagain Thu 16-Aug-18 19:09:52

If it is just texture with your DD I would do as others say and use onion powder/ granules. I do this as we an tolerate dried on fodmap but not fresh onion

WomblingWoman Thu 16-Aug-18 19:10:59

I'd suggest 2 options one already suggested of pureeing the onions (I do this as a matter of course - I bung onions, carrots, celery and tbh any other veg that's on its way out spinach etc) in my blender and add to most things.

Bulks it out, adds flavour and good way of using up that last carrot in the bag :-)

Other option is to try onion granuals - usually stocked with the herbs and spices. No bits of onion but you get the "background" flavour onion provides. I always have them in for rubs/marinades (and when I can't lay my hand on an onion.

Or as others have suggested, some veg stock - I like the marigold powdered veg stock - it's great for veggie soups but provides a good back flavour for lots of dishes (it is quite salty though so just watch your seasoning when you use it).

WomblingWoman Thu 16-Aug-18 19:14:40

On the granuals I add 2 teaspoon per "onion"
- they are quite strong as the flavour is concentrated so don't be too heavy handed.

Tbh if you have a blender (or nutri bullet) making onion mush is really the best option.

cdtaylornats Thu 16-Aug-18 19:18:51

These are ones I've made - but looking through everything else I've cooked onions are surprisingly ubiquitous.

PrivateParkin Thu 16-Aug-18 19:30:10

I like the puree idea. You could do loads at once and then freeze it and just use a bit when you need it. Other than that, depending on the recipe, you could just fry very finely chopped veg like carrots/peppers etc as a base, with onion granules, or add a bit of onion salt.

Btw my sister was exactly like that with onion, exactly - and she eats anything now including onions!

annandale Thu 16-Aug-18 19:32:59

I know two people who are allergic to onions. One eats everything with leeks in. My daughter doesn't like them much and I use garlic.

EnglandKeepMyBones Thu 16-Aug-18 21:39:23

Just leave them out. Garlic may be a reasonable substitute.

I hate onions. As a child I would just not eat rather than eat anything something with them in and it caused endless battles with my parents. They do have a very specific taste that, if you're sensitive to, you can't escape. Even puréed and well hidden I could taste them.

As an adult I've been training myself into eating food with onions in by adding a small amount to stronger tasting dishes. Gradually increasing the amount I add each time. I still don't like them but I tolerate them a lot better. Maybe building up slowly like that could help build a tolerance.

NewName54321 Thu 16-Aug-18 23:17:39

Put them in whole (obviously remove outer skin) and take them out before serving, or serve DD's portion then break up the onions to distribute between other plates.

lind01 Fri 17-Aug-18 12:39:47

Use Nigella seeds. They are a great onion replacement.

scrappydappydoo Fri 17-Aug-18 14:35:04

Great ideas thanks flowers
Never heard of fodmap but I think that will work - easier to search for.
Mush doesn't work - tried that. Leeks are no go too as it's similar texture.
I'll give the granules/powder a go though and I'll try the bulking out with lentils or other veg.

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